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Your Guide to Labeling Eco-Friendly Products

October 10, 2016

Eco-friendly products are on the rise. Today, more than 460 eco-labels are in use worldwide, and more than one quarter of them are used right here in North America. With so many different variations of eco-labels being sold on products in stores, there’s no question as to why so many people are confused about the meaning of these labels.

If your brand is making the switch to selling environmentally-friendly products, it’s important that your customized labels say so. However, with more than 460 variations of eco-labels being used on products in stores, it’s important that you take the time to learn more about these labels and what they could mean for you and your customers.

Biodegradable or Compostable

In order to label your products as biodegradable or compostable, you first need to understand what biodegradable and compostable products entail. First of all, biodegradable and compostable do not mean the same thing.

According to the American Society for Testing and Materials, compostable products must break down to carbon monoxide, water, and inorganic compounds. Compostable products provide nutrients to the soil and are able to be composted at home or at a composting site.

On the other hand, biodegradable products break down and go back to nature, or even disappear entirely. Biodegradable products are essentially absorbed by the environment.

“Green” Products

Product labels can be confusing, especially customized labels that say that the product itself is “green”. Like the term “natural” in the food industry, products labeled as “green” could mean a bunch of different things. In summary, products labeled as “green” are products that have less of an environmental or human impact than traditional products do. These types of products are often sourced locally, are free of harmful chemicals, and are made from recyclable or reusable materials. Some of them may be compostable or biodegradable.

If your product falls under this criteria, you may be interested in getting certified with Green Seal.

Recyclable or Renewable

Recycled and renewable materials are other product descriptions that leave many shoppers scratching their heads. Recycled products must have been made from pre-consumer waste or post-consumer waste, like scrap and sludge or toilet paper rolls, newspapers, and aluminum cans.

Renewable materials include palm oil, grapeseed oil, bamboo, and other types of plant or animal material. These materials can be made over a short period of time, using a natural process. They aren’t always recyclable, however.

Sell Your Eco-Friendly Products with Eco-Friendly Labels

If your brand sells environmentally-friendly products, you’re probably interested in using eco-friendly customized labels as well. At SheetLabels.com, we offer you eco-friendly labels such as our Brown Kraft labels and 100% Recycled White Uncoated labels. Both are excellent options for your labeling needs.

Our Brown Kraft labels work with inkjet and laser printers, and can be printed as sheet labels or individual cut downs. Our 100% Recycled White Uncoated labels work with inkjet, laser, and offset printers, and can also be printed as sheet labels or individual cut downs.

Contact us today to learn more about our eco-friendly label options!

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