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Why You Should Be Bottling And Labeling Your Brew Pub Beer

July 12, 2017

With nationwide sales trending towards microbrewed beers, we’re starting to see more brew pubs than ever pop up across the country. Unlike pure bars or breweries, most brew pubs are family establishments with game night events or other activities, and they serve as a great place for community engagement.

What’s interesting to notice, however, is that the beer brewed at most of these brew pubs cannot be found bottled or sold outside of their restaurant. As local businesses continue to pull market share from industry juggernauts, especially in the beer industry, it’s odd that most brew pubs aren’t capitalizing on the local beer market sales outside their venues by bottling their beer. This includes all aspects of the brewing process: from creating your own beer labels, choosing the shape and size of your bottles, and even the boxes you ship them in.

Bottling Craft Beer

Now there are likely a few reasons that you don’t see this already as a common practice.  First off, it might be that the process of obtaining bottling equipment and bottling beer seems like overwhelming task to add to the current operation. Or, that there is simply not enough production space to produce enough beer to sell outside of the brew pub. But if you could find a way to overcome those caveats, there are some incredible missed opportunities. Here are our top three reasons you should be bottling your brew pub beer.

1. Sales Opportunity

When you’re just starting out producing kegs is an easy way to start distributing your beer, whether it’s within your brew pub or at other bars. Yet by only selling within your brew pub and on premise at bars, sales are significantly limited. As beer consumption continues to trend towards the home and away from the pub, it’s important that you be able to capitalize on the types of sales.

2. Increase Your Brand Awareness

By only producing brew pub beer in kegs to be served on premise, you are inherently limiting the branding of your beer. By bottling and labeling your beer, you can develop a personality to your brand that serves as a walking advertisement for your beer any time anybody is drinking it.

Don’t be intimidated by competing with the branding of other larger beer companies sold in stores. Most beer stores normally have a section, if not multiple, where craft beers can be found, and with the right beer bottle labels, where it will standout. Think about it, when you are browsing through the craft brew aisle, there are two things that you are looking for: a cool beer name and an awesome beer label. Once your product is in the hands of customers, your labels will do the talking and spread your brand at the next barbeque or event that they’re consumed at.

Craft Beer Labels

3. Spread The Reach Of Your Brand

While you might begin by just selling bottled beer within a few stores in your own town, as soon as you have you beer bottled, you have the potential to reach entirely new audiences outside the immediate community circle surrounding your brew pub.

Even if you don’t sell your newly bottled beer any further than a few towns over, it would still drastically help to spread the reach of your brew pub as those people would be unlikely to make an in person visit, but would still be able to consume your craft beer. By adding it to their local stores and having your logo printed on your beer bottle labels, it would help to spread your beer brand to much father audiences.

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