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Why People Like Minimalism In Packaging Design

April 16, 2015

Packaging design is such an important part of branding, marketing, and sales. Its main purpose is to protect the contents, but the other factors have become equally important these days. Sometimes people go way overboard when designing their packaging products though, and when this happens it can get very confusing to a consumer.

Busy Packaging Design

I am sure everyone that is reading this has seen packaging that had too much going on, with so much squeezed on the package that it is hard to even understand. It happens all of the time when brands think they need more info on there than they actually do.

As a brand you want people to be able to see and read everything that is on the package, especially when it has pertinent information relating to the product. When too much is crammed on a label or package, consumers can miss something that they need to know about it, such as an expiration date, allergen info, or key ingredients.

There are some cases where it is alright to have a lot going on with your packaging, but that is special cases where the packaging artwork is based on something that is busy. For example, using an abstract art piece that has a lot going on. If there is a specific reason then it is acceptable, but many times that is not the case. Instead, brands just try squeezing as much as they can in the design.

Minimalist Packaging Design

Keeping your packaging design simple is much easier for consumers to understand. It makes the information stand out more, and makes it so they are not going to miss any of the important information that is included on the package.

Minimalism in design is popular because it is less cluttered, and easier to digest. Consumers do not like information overload, and when packaging has too much going on, it is too much for most people to digest in a short period of time.

Being able to get your message out to people in the most simple way possible will also have the most impact. We all see it all of the time in all types of design. Websites are going towards the minimalist look, as well as many other platforms that people are using to get seen and tell their story. 

Simple is Better

Keeping your packaging and labeling design simple, and to the point, will help get your message seen by a larger audience. People want information immediately and they do not want to play hide and seek when they are looking at products on shelves. 

Think about some of your favorite beverages, food boxes, or other products. Most of them are probably fairly simple, and simple can say a lot more than a design that is busy and cluttered. When brainstorming ideas for your next design, try saying more by doing less, the results may surprise you.

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