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Why Labels Are Such an Important Factor in Packaging Design

February 09, 2015

More and more brands these days are placing a much larger focus on their product packaging. The packaging that a product comes in was never as important in the past as it is right now.

Consumers these days expect high quality, well designed packaging. The unboxing of a product is an important part of the customer experience, and keeping that in mind while brainstorming concepts will make a difference in the finished package design.

One of the first things that consumers will notice when seeing your product on the shelves is the label. The label is essentially the face of the product and should always be another focus that is factored into the overall package design.

There are some things that you want to make sure stand out above all else on the label, this way you ensure that consumers know your brands products with even a quick glance.


Your logo, whether it is an image or lettering, should be one of the most prominent details on the label. The brand logo should be consistent with all of your other branding materials. This means that the logo should be on everything to do with the brand, even on all internal company materials.

Mission Statement

This is not always necessary, but if your brand has a memorable or meaningful mission statement, then it probably should be necessary. Your mission statement gives you a chance to tell people about what the brand believes in and stands for. This helps create a connection with consumers that believe in what your mission statement stands for.


It is always important to communicate with your customers, and it is also important to communicate with consumers that could be potential future customers. Your product labels are a great tool for communication and engagement with consumers. To not be taking advantage of this important part of a label can prove to be a big mistake.

Unique Selling Points

Last but not least, it is always a good idea to list some unique selling points of your product on the label, or even the packaging itself. There is no better way to tell someone about the special health benefits of a food product, or the benefits of an energy drink. A label is the perfect way to inform them of benefits as they are seeing it on the shelves.

Required Information

There are many requirements and regulations that always need to be followed on product labels. It is important to stay on top of new or changing labeling regulations, and recently there have been many changes with what can and cannot be on the label. 

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