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What You Should Know About Labelling Products as “Dolphin Safe”

December 26, 2016

U.S. dolphin safe labels have been used on tuna cans since 1990 when the Dolphin Protection Consumer Information Act was first passed. Dolphin safe claims mean that tuna has been harvested using methods that are not harmful to dolphins. However, some parties argue that dolphin safe custom label printing is not completely accurate. Today’s savvy shoppers want companies to be as transparent with them as possible, and most consumers won’t support a brand that endangers human health or wildlife such as dolphins.

So, what can you do to ensure that your dolphin safe claims are being met? Read on to learn more.

Dolphin Safe Labelling Regulations

When consumers shop for a specific product, whether the product is meant to be dolphin safe, vegan, non-GMO, fair trade, or gluten-free, they expect the company to be honest and truthful about their custom label printing claims. However, many manufacturers are not honest and upfront with their consumers, simply because they do not realize they are not being completely truthful.

But according to Forbes, food transparency is no longer optional. Brands need to remain transparent if they wish to restore consumer trust. According to the article, brands who increase product transparency will also increase trust. When customers think that they are purchasing a product that is completely dolphin safe, brands need to make sure that they are actually telling the truth.

To ensure that your dolphin safe claims are truthful, review these updated rules and regulations for what it means to be dolphin safe. The U.S. created stricter dolphin safe labelling rules back in March, and the new rules contain a lot of crucial information that dolphin safe brands need to know about.

According to National Geographic, the new dolphin safe rules will require fisheries worldwide to keep better track of their fish to ensure that dolphins are not being harmed.

Dolphin Safe Custom Label Printing

In the U.S., three main dolphin safe labels are used to help shoppers identify dolphin safe products. These labels include the following:

●      The U.S. Department of Commerce Dolphin Safe Label

●      EarthTrust’s Flipper Seal of Approval

●      Earth Island Institute’s Safe Label

In other countries, several other labels are used:

●      In Australia, Greenseas dolphin safe labels are used, as well as John West Australia labels

●      In the Netherlands, Princes Foods labels are used

●      In New Zealand, Sealord uses a dolphin friendly product label

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