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What Makes Packaging Design Good?

March 20, 2015

The importance of packaging just keeps increasing, and it is a big factor in selling more products. Packaging has been proven to help products stand out on shelves, and it can touch on a consumers emotions and sway them towards trying something new.

There are many amazing package designers that understand this, but there are just as many that do not fully grasp the importance of how packaging design can affect consumers.

What Makes Packaging Design Good

Packaging that would be considered good is the design that helps sell more of a product. That means vivid colors and imagery that make a consumer turn their head to do a double take. In the majority of cases where this happens, it usually leads to another sale and hopefully a soon to be loyal customer.

The colors you use play a big part in creating good packaging, but that is not the only important factor. Another of the important pieces to the puzzle is the brand logo. The log needs to be sharp, prominent, and something that will be unique and memorable. It should be big enough that it can be spotted from across the aisle in a grocery store, but not so big that it takes all of the focus from other areas of the design.

Typography is another one of the design elements that needs to be done properly. The font that you choose should be very easy to read, which means that it is clear, and large enough to be read without having to put the package right in front of your eyes. You should take advantage of multiple font sizes in order to bring attention to specific things on the package or the label. For example, you brand mission statement and unique selling points should be designed with a font that is a little larger than the other type on the package.


The layout of a package is another important part of the design, and it should be laid out in order to avoid making it appear cluttered and messy. It should look organized, and in most cases it should be as minimalistic as possible. Of course you want to get all of the pertinent information on there, but it is important to not overdo it. Having the right amount of space between the various design elements will help make the package look neater and more organized.

Taking the time to focus on your package design is one of the best ways to help make your product be more successful. Try to create an experience for the customer, something that will make them say wow when they first see the package, and when they open it. Think of what impress you with a products packaging and then start brainstorming ideas of how it can be extraordinary. 

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