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Using Stickers to Create Brand Awareness

December 19, 2014

Brand awareness is one of the most important factors for any successful brand. In many cases, the hardest thing to do for small businesses is getting seen and heard. In this day and age there are multiple ways to get your brand seen, some of these include paid search advertising, content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and all of the traditional marketing outlets.

It is important to spend your marketing budget on both on and offline marketing to see the best results and ROI. Taking advantage of all of these marketing tactics will be the most beneficial for the growth of your business. 

Marketing Strategies

When it comes to offline marketing, there are many strategies that are proven to work very well. One tool that has been proven to work time and time again is using stickers to get your brand seen. Stickers give you a simple way to get your brand name, logo, contact info, and other important info seen by people on a consistent basis. They work great on cars, windows, water bottles, and in many other places where they will get the attention that they deserve.

When creating stickers for your brand there are quite a few different factors that need to be considered. One of the first things to consider is the size of the stickers that you want to use. We would recommend having stickers printed in a few different sizes.

Different sizes are nice because you will have stickers that will fit on items of all sizes. Bumper stickers are a perfect choice for cars, but small stickers are a better choice for smaller items like water bottles and bicycle helmets. Using multiple sized stickers will increase the chances of them being seen in many more places.


The quality of the stickers that you use to help create brand awareness is also very important. You want to make sure that the stickers are easy to read with large print, and that all of the brands important information is on it. This is especially important with stickers because many times they will be on moving equipment and seen by others that are moving. Having a sticker that no one can read defeats the purpose of the sticker altogether.

Another important factor with using stickers to promote your brand is taking advantage of colors and graphics that will catch people’s eyes. In order to get people to actually read the information on the stickers you first need to draw their eyes to it.

Bright colors are sure to grab people’s attention, and if your brand has a cool logo or mascot you want to make sure that it is front and center. Bold lettering for the brand name and contact info can also help the sticker grab people’s attention, and a legible font is another of the crucial steps to being seen.

Sticker Giveaways

Once you have your stickers all printed up, it is time to start getting them out there. Free stickers make great giveaways at trade shows, networking events, industry conferences, and to all of your current customers and potential customers. Giving them away to everyone that you can is the best way to get them into circulation. Once they start getting stuck to different things and in different places, you will start getting the visibility that you deserve.

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