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Using QR Codes on Your Labels

November 13, 2014

The use of the QR code has been on the rise in recent years, and for many different purposes. When it comes to labeling your products, you can take advantage of QR codes to connect with your customers. These codes can be a valuable tool for marketing team and can help give the customer a great experience with your brand.

QR Code is short for “Quick Response Code” and it is a 2 dimensional barcode that is meant to be scanned with a barcode scanner. These days it is a lot more usual for them to be scanned by using apps on smart devices. This type of barcode allows more data to be encoded and it can be scanned much faster than traditional barcodes. The other benefit of QR codes is that they are very cost effective to implement onto all of your labels.

Marketers can use these to send the user to a certain url online, or to any type of content that they want to use to better connect with consumers. Below we will go over some great ways to make the most of your QR codes, and you can reach a whole new level of customer engagement.

  • Instructional Videos

A great way to take advantage of QR codes on your labels is by directing customers to an instructional video of the product. It is proven that many people prefer video and imagery instead of reading, so using video to show them how to use or assemble a product is making their life easier. Being helpful to your customers is something that will benefit them and will leave a memorable impression of your brand.

  • Coupons

Consumers love coupons, and so do marketers, so why not use QR codes on your labels that deliver a coupon to someone who already uses your product. This is a great way to give the customer something that benefits them, but it will also benefit your brand because it rewards customer loyalty and ensures that they will come back.

  • Greeting Cards

Sending a nice greeting card to a consumer that purchases your product is an excellent means of saying thank you to them. This can be done around the holidays or anytime of the year just to show them that they are appreciated as a customer.

  • Recipes

This is the perfect use of a QR code if your product is food related. When the code is scanned it can bring them right to a recipe that uses your product. If you want to take it a step further you could send them to a page that has the recipe written out, but also has a video showing how to make the recipe. Even better, you can give them multiple recipes that they can easily download or print from their phones. On the page that your QR code brings them to there should likewise be a clickable link so they can download a text file that lists the recipes. 

  • Free Downloads

Giving your customers a little bonus gift is always a benefit to both them and your brand. This can be a free song, pay per view movie, or even just free wallpapers for their mobile device. Providing something free to your clients is a courteous gesture to prove them that they are important to you. Without the customers the brand cannot last, so be certain to always show them appreciation.

  • Contests

Another way to engage with your audience is by holding contests that have to be entered by scanning a barcode. This is another easy and cost effective way to take advantage of this marketing tool, and all you need to do is create the code so it sends them to the contest entry page and have them enter their email.

  • Reviews

Obtaining user reviews can be arduous work for a smaller brand, and what better way to encourage users to leave reviews than by helping them easily get to the review site of your choice. This can be performed by itself, or you can mix it with another tactic from this list, such as after getting a free download they then get redirected to a review page, if they choose. It is important to offer them the choice of giving a review though, it is never safe to be pushy.

  • Games

People enjoy playing games on their phones and tablets, so producing a fun brand related game for them to play will help keep them entertained and also help grow your brand top of mind. Children are also known to play on their parents’ phones and tablets from time to time, creating a simple game for your customer’s children to play is a wonderful way to connect. 

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