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Using Magnets for Brand Awareness & Messaging

April 02, 2015

As you may have seen on our social networks, or in the navigation menu on our page, we are now offering custom printed magnets in addition to all of our labeling products!

The magnets that we are now offering are considered high energy magnets. What this means is that they are stronger than normal magnets because they have a higher amount of iron. They are UV resistant, weather resistant, and scratch resistant, which makes them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.


Magnets are a great way to spread your message to your customers and potential customers. They are also a great way to help keep your brand top of mind since people tend to stick them to things where they get seen often.

Messages on magnets will always serve as a friendly reminder about your restaurant, garage, or any other business whenever it is seen since people use them on their refrigerators, toolboxes, and many other places. Since magnets are useful for people, they will use them, which helps create that top of mind awareness that all brands desire.

Brand Awareness

The other benefit of magnets is creating brand awareness, especially when the magnets are placed in a location where people that have not heard of your brand will see them. This is why giving your custom printed magnets away to all of your customers is a good strategy. Some of your customers will stick them in places where they will get seen often, like in offices, storefronts, and other places where people will be.

Another great way to create brand awareness, as well as do some traditional advertising with magnets, is by taking advantage of the larger sized vehicle magnets. Car magnets are an excellent way to get seen, especially if you drive frequently. It enables people on the road to be exposed to your business, as well as in parking lots, and anywhere else you travel. The high energy magnets that we offer at SheetLabels.com are the exact type of magnet that is needed for your vehicle. They are thin as well so they will blend in nicely with your car and will look like they are painted on.

Cost Efficient

Another benefit of using magnets for brand awareness and messaging is that they are extremely affordable. For the amount of exposure that they can give to your brand they are very cheap. We also have a very quick turnaround time, so you will have them in under a week in most cases when you order from us. Compared to some of the other ways of getting your brand seen, magnets and stickers are some of the best and most affordable, and the ROI will be easily justified.


If you are looking to increase your visibility, give us a call or go to our website and let us help you start getting the awareness that your business deserves with these strong, durable magnets! We can be contacted at 1.888.388.2502 between 9 am and 6 pm EST Monday through Friday. If you prefer email you can contact us at support@sheet-labels.com and we will help you through the whole process. We always deliver high quality products at some of the best prices in the industry! 

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