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Using Labels to Enhance Marketing Strategies

February 25, 2015

Labels are extremely useful in all types of situations, and they are the perfect way to enhance any marketing strategy that you are working on. In past blog posts we have discussed many different ways that you can use labels, from brand awareness and messaging, to crafts and organization.

With all of the posts where we have discussed different ways to use labels, there are still many other ways that using them can be an asset to you as an individual, or for your business.


Marketing is the promotion and sales of all kinds of products, but without communication, knowing your target audience, and the best ways to reach them, your marketing will always fall short.

The hardest part of marketing for many businesses, is finding the best ways to communicate effectively with customers. More than likely you are already taking advantage of email marketing,social media, and other platforms to communicate with the consumer, but what else are you doing to get your message or story in front of the eyes of consumers?

To be successful in marketing you always need to be thinking of new ways to reach an audience, and the companies that think outside of the box are also the most successful in business because they are reaching their audience and having their message understood.

Making a Personal Connection

An important part of marketing is making a personal connection with consumers, and this is where labels can come into play. Labels provide a great way to reach both loyal customers and potential customers. Labels can be adhered to popular products that you already sell and they will allow you to tell the consumer about other related products that they may like.

Another way that you can make that personal connection with the consumer is by adding a label that thanks them for the purchase, and also includes a QR code which they can scan to get a random amount off on their next purchase. Using a random percentage for the discount makes them more eager to check as soon as possible, like a fun game that will be exciting for everyone. 

Why Messaging Matters

Consumers these days are a lot different than they were 20 years ago, now they expect the companies they buy from to go above and beyond just the sale. Companies that give a little extra to their customers have loyal followings because of the product that they provide, their quality, good customer service, and the little perks that they give to customers.

Giving back to your customers is the best way to show them that you value them, and you are willing to take the extra time to connect with them. This is one of the reasons packaging is so important in general, it shows that a brand cares about every aspect of the product. Using labels to enhance the packaging by giving something else back to them goes above and beyond, which is the type of thing that creates brand loyalty and brand ambassadors.

Labels can be used as stickers, envelope seals, and on cars and office windows. There are so many things that you can do, and so many places where they can be stuck that will get them in front of consumers. It is important to take advantage of labels as a handy toool to be seen and spread your message!

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