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Using Labels for Home Organization: Making Organizing Easier

October 22, 2014

Sometimes things can get a bit hectic at home, it is only natural since life can get very busy at times. When things get a bit crazy you may find yourself losing things around the house, and this only adds to the frustration. If you are well organized you can avoid some of this frustration though. The trick to good organization is having the time and the means to get everything exactly how you want it, and then keeping it that way.

There are some tricks that can help you get organized and stay that way for the long haul. One way of going about this is by taking advantage of labels around your house to help keep things just how you like them. Next time you are looking you will know that what you need is right where it should be. Here are some tips to help you get your house better organized.

Closet Dividers

These are often seen in department stores to separate sizes on a rack. But with printable blank labels you can create your own closet dividers to keep your clothing separated just the way that you like it. With a handful of closet divider labels your closet could be even more organized than a store rack. You can label these however you prefer your clothing to be separated. One of the most common ways to break this down is putting your shirts into sections and then creating a label for each. For example, there can be a section for short sleeve casual shirts, and short sleeve work shirts, long sleeve casual shirts, long sleeve work shirts, sweaters, coats, etc. Getting your closet organized and labeled will take a bit of time initially but it will save you time in the long run.

Media Labels

This is an area where many people tend to find themselves being disorganized. This may be because you just have so many CD’s and DVD’s that you never had time to organize, or you just never have time to put them back in the place that you took them from. Custom media labels can be a huge timesaver with your media, especially if you have a lot of burned CD’s or DVD’s with no labels at all. Now you can add labels to all of these blank discs you have lying around. You can also label your media shelves and can separate music and movies into genres, actors, or anything else. You will enjoy your music and movies so much more when you do not have to waste 20 minutes looking for one album or DVD.

Cord Labels

This is a big one for a lot of people, dealing with messy cords and having a hard time differentiating them when you need to find a specific one. This is where small rectangle labels can be a lifesaver. One sheet of these smaller labels would be more than enough to better organize all of the cords that are currently all tangled and cluttered. This can save a lot of time for you moving forward and will eliminate potentially stressful situations. If you really want to go all out you could even use pastel label stock to color code your cords.

Refrigerator/Freezer Labels

Another place in many homes that can easily get cluttered is the freezer. In many cases, people will re-wrap frozen foods when they do not use it all. When these things get wrapped up again in Ziploc baggies or Tupperware, they may not be so easy to identify in the future when you are looking. This is why labeling all of your frozen products in the freezer can be a welcome time saver. Since it is a freezer you do need to make sure you purchase weatherproof label materials so the moisture does not ruin your labels and make them unreadable.

Pantry/Canister Labels

A common problem that many people face is putting things like tea, flour, sugar, and other products in canisters on their counter or in their pantry, and then forgetting which one is which. With a simple labeling system the forgetfulness can all be in the past. A couple of sheets of oval labels can help get your kitchen counter and your pantry more organized than you ever thought it would be. You will find your kitchen a much easier place to navigate when you know which canister that you put your flour in, and which one contains tea bags.

Attic Storage Labels

If your attic is anything like mine then you need to find a better way to keep it all organized. With boxes and totes piled in every corner, it is almost impossible to find anything in the mess. This is another place where easy to read labels could really come in handy. This system will make it much easier to find the right box whenever you need it, without wasting valuable time opening each and every package in the attic. Like these other tasks, it will take some time to get everything labeled the first time. Once the initial labeling is done, you will be very relieved that your attic is looking much better from an organizational standpoint. Next time when you go looking for your holiday decorations you will just have to look for the label that you stuck on it. This will be much easier than having to pull out bins and boxes to look inside of each.

Drawer Labels

It happens all of the time, you put things that you do not use much in a drawer that you do not look at often. Then when a time comes that you need to actually use it, you cannot find it. This means wasted time looking for things and also more frustration. By creating simple labels to put on your drawers you can save yourself from the wasted time and stress. The labels do not have to be on the front of your drawer, but small labels can be used. Being smaller they can be stuck right to a part of the drawer that can only be seen by pulling the drawer slightly out. This way the labels are not an eyesore on your kitchen drawers, but they can still be easily seen without having to pull the drawer all the way out. Now you will save the time of having to dig through kitchen drawers looking for one little thing. 

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