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Using Fluorescent Labels to Stand Out

February 23, 2015

Businesses are always looking for different ways to stand out from their competitors, and trying to stand out and still be unique can be difficult. Colors have a direct impact on people’s emotions, and they can also be seen much easier next to traditional plain white labels that many people still use.

Taking advantage of colored labels for promotional stickers will give you a slight advantage next to your competition that may be using plain white. There are many different colors that you can choose from when looking for bright labels, and some of the most popular and eye-catching are red, orange, blue, green, and yellow.

At SheetLabels.com, we manufacture labels in many different colors to use for your product packaging and anything else where some added color is needed. That combined with our large selection of shapes and sizes, makes us your perfect solution to be your label provider.

Here are some of the colored label materials that we offer and some popular uses for them:

The fluorescent green labels that we offer are available for both inkjet and laser printers, and like all of our products, we ensure the highest quality materials that your money can buy. In addition to your home and office printers, this material will also work well in offset presses and photocopiers.

These labels are perfect to use in product packaging because they cannot be missed, so they will help your product jump off the shelves. Like all of our colored labels, this bright green material is also great for arts and crafts, warning labels and much more.

Another very popular fluorescent label is this vibrant orange material. This material works great in any type of printer and also works for offset printing and photocopy machines. Since we manufacture all of our labels right in our NY facility, we can assist you with any size you may need.

Orange is one of the most noticeable colors that can be used, which makes the material a perfect choice when you are using labels to send an important message such as a warning.

Another color that is frequently used to make things stand out is fluorescent red. Red is one of the best colors to trigger excitement if you have ever read up on the psychology of colors. This is why the color red is very commonly used for hazard labels and calls to action.

Red is also another color that works perfectly for things like warning labels, chemical labels, biohazard labels, and other types of labels that are meant to grab people’s attention.

Pink labels can also be used in many different ways, and one of the most popular ways that we see them used is in various arts and crafts. Another common and excellent use of pink labels is using them for address labels and nametag labels during breast cancer awareness month.

Last but not least is our fluorescent yellow, which is also called chartreuse yellow. Yellow labels can be used in all types of situations, and they are commonly used for industrial warning labels to warn others of hazardous materials.

There are really no limits to what you can use any one of our fluorescent labels for, if you think it will be beneficial to add a bright, vibrant label to something, then it probably is.

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