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Using Call to Actions on Your Labels

June 02, 2015

The labels on your products serve many different purposes, and we are always posting about the many uses of labeling products. The main purpose of using labels in the past was just to get pertinent information to the consumers.

That has changed a lot over the years, much like the packaging industry in general. With new consumer behaviors, and technological advancements, labels and packaging are almost as important as the product they contain within.

There are many different regulations that come into play when it comes to labels, including government mandated info such as on nutrition labels, and any health related claims a brand makes about their products.

Call to Action

Using your labels to attract a customer’s attention is very important, but getting them to try a new product besides their normal brand is the hard part.

You need to offer something that your competitors do not offer, this is what will make you stand out.

Getting their attention is half of the battle though. Bright colors and graphics on both packaging and labels will get people to notice the product, which leaves the question “How do you convert them?

There is one important thing that many brands are not doing, and in many cases they would probably sell even more of their products if they took advantage of that one missing detail...

The missing detail that you will not see on many labels is a standout call to action.

When a call to action is used it can help draw extra attention to the product on the shelf. A call to action that ties in with the colors of a label and flows with the label is a great way to increase consumer interest in a brand.

In a lot cases it does not hurt a brand, but the lack of this call to action is not helping their sales increase neither.

If you place a product that has a call to action on the label/package next to a product that does not have one, you will see that many times the consumers’ eyes will be drawn to the product with the call to action on it.

That is because they see something different, something that makes the label stand out so the product is almost popping off the shelf screaming “BUY ME!

The call to action can tell consumers many things, such as why they are better than the competition, or how much healthier a product is in comparison to the competition.

Since not everyone is taking advantage of this call to action, it allows the ones that do use it to sell more and steal customers from their competitors.

Different Types of CTA’s

There are many different strategies that brands use on their packaging and labeling that would be considered a “call to action”. One of these would be making the product a bit bigger and then labeling it as “Now 10% More” or “Compare to Yadda Yadda Brand.”

There are numerous different options of what you can use as your CTA, and many ways that you can have it appear. The important thing to remember is that it needs to be bold so it stands out on the package without taking all of the attention away from the brand logo.

Using a good call to action on your products label or package can help increase the sales fairly quickly, especially in a very competitive market. Being creative with using call to action labels can only add to the effectiveness of the strategy.

Be creative, be fun, and make your product stand out!

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