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Use Fluorescent Red Labels During Heart Health Month

February 17, 2017

According to Entrepreneur, the color red activates the human pituitary gland and increases heart rate when seen. For this reason, red is used to depict a passionate response in a consumer—whether it be a positive or negative response. The main benefit is that red gets noticed, which makes it perfect for addressing important issues during National Heart Health Month. Red is meant to be attention-grabbing and provocative, even it doesn’t always evoke pleasant, positive emotions. However, red is an excellent color to use when discussing health—especially the heart.

Why the Color Red?

Obviously, red is a color used during Valentine’s Day and National Heart Health Month because the two celebrations focus on the heart. Valentine’s Day focuses on the heart as a metaphor, while National Heart Health Month quite literally focuses on the health of the human heart. This February, use color label printing and our fluorescent red labels to grab the attention of your shoppers and remind them of the importance of practicing good heart health.

Red is associated with giving a warning, and you can use fluorescent red labels to grab the attention of your consumers and remind them to take care of their hearts through healthy eating habits.

American Heart Associated Certified

If your food or beverage products meet the rules and regulations of the American Heart Association, we recommend that you use this opportunity to become a part of their Heart-Check Food Certification Program. Once your company becomes certified, use color label printing to make your consumers aware of the health benefits to purchasing your products.

To become Heart-Check Certified, food and beverage items must meet the Heart-Check Food Certification requirements. These requirements cover seven different food categories, including the following: standard certification, standard certification for extra lean products, main dish and meals, whole grains, nuts, fish, and liquid vegetable oils (such as olive oil, canola oil and corn oil).

For example, standard products must contain less than 20mg of cholesterol, standard extra lean products must contain less than 95mg of cholesterol, and main dish or meal products must contain less than 20mg of cholesterol. Whole grains must contain less than 1g of saturated fat or 0.5g of trans fat, and nuts must contain less than 4g of saturated fat or 0.5g of trans fat. Fish must contain less than 16g of fat and liquid vegetable oils mustn’t contain more than 20mg of cholesterol.

However, products such as alcoholic beverages, candies, desserts, foods containing nonhydrogenated oils, and salad dressings are not eligible to apply for the program. Learn more about the food certification requirements and become Heart-Check Certified today to help your customers make heart-healthy buying choices.

Order Red Labels Today

When you’re ready to share your heart-healthy message with the world, contact Sheet-Labels.com to place your color label printing order in honor of National Heart Health Month. But if you don’t plan to order labels during the month of February, our fluorescent red labels are a great choice for other labeling jobs as well. Use them as caution or warning labels, on medical supplies and medications, and for labeling medical charts or machinery. Our high-quality labels meet a variety of material compliances including CONEG, ROHS, and FDA 21 CFR 175.105. Contact us today to learn more. 

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