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Discount Codes: Order Blank & Custom Printed Labels And Save Using Coupons From!

December 16, 2013

Did you signup to receive emails from Have you recently received a discount code that you want to use on your next purchase of blank or custom printed labels? This blog is going to walk you through the process of using your discount code at!

The first step is to login to your account. registered customers are able to reorder labels at the click of a button and checkout faster than non-registered customers.

Once you’ve logged into your account, start shopping and adding items to your cart. Be sure the items in your cart meet the parameters of the coupon. Some coupons are for printed labels only, some coupons exclude certain materials are some coupons are for a set dollar amount.

Once you’ve added items to your shopping cart, click the “Secure Checkout” button.

You are now on step one of the checkout process. This is the “Shipping Information” step.

Be sure your shipping address information is correct. If everything is correct, move down to the shipping method section. Here you are going to choose the shipping method that best fits your needs.

Continue down the page to “Contact Information”. If all of the information looks correct, continue on. Click the “Continue” button.

You are now on step two of the checkout process. This is the “Payment Information” step. Please notice the “Payment Method” section on the right side of the page. Under the “Payment Method” section there is another section for “Discount”. Here, you can type in your discount code and click “Apply”.

If the coupon code does not apply to the order you are placing for any reason, red text will appear. The text reads, “Sorry, that coupon is not valid for this order. Please try again”.

If the coupon has been accepted for the order, under “Order Totals” you are going to see a red number. This number is the amount that has been taken off of your order. This amount depends on the type of coupon you are using!

Receiving a discount code form can be exciting and using that discount code is extremely easy!

Have you ever received a discount code from Do you use your discount codes towards blank or custom printed labels? Share your answers on our Facebook and Twitter pages by using #SLIBlog!

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Highly recommend this company

They are super fast and very customer service oriented!
Richard L.
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Im glad I chose you.

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