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Use Custom Labels to Raise Awareness During Cancer Control Month

March 31, 2017

In 2016, an estimated number of 1,685,210 new cancer cases were expected to be diagnosed in the United States and 595,690 people were expected to die from the disease. However, your product labels can help to raise awareness about the need for a cancer cure, and Cancer Control Month is the perfect time to do so. While many television commercials, radio commercials, or billboard advertisements go unnoticed, product labels are a form of advertising that are hard to miss, and they can be used to make a difference in the future of cancer. Just imagine how many people your custom labels could reach during the month of April!

Product Labels

The best thing about custom labels? They can be customized and modified to display your brand’s important message as often as you need, and the quick turnaround time that Sheet-Labels.com offers makes it easy for companies to update their product labels and get them out on the storefront in the quickest amount of time.  

During the month of April, the team at Sheet-Labels.com encourages companies to participate in Cancer Control Month by including beneficial health information on product labels. For example, consider adding the following health information to your food labels:

·        Remind consumers to limit foods with high sugar and fat content

·        Encourage consumers to fill their plates with fruits, vegetables and whole grains

·        Promote a diet filled with a variety of protein sources, including lean meats such as poultry, seafood, tofu, nuts, and legumes

·        Remind shoppers to keep alcohol consumption at one to two drinks daily


Additionally, Cancer Control Month is a great time to display posters in your office or store for your customers or employees to see. Include information that promotes a healthy lifestyle and reminds men and women to get their annual wellness visits and routine check-ups. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides an abundance of useful cancer-related documents on their print materials page.


What better way to remind consumers to eat healthy and practice cancer prevention than sticking a magnet to their refrigerators? Show your customers that you care by providing them with a custom printed refrigerator magnet with important information regarding Cancer Control Month. Here are some ideas for distributing magnets to your valued customers:

·        Mail magnets out to your valued customers

·        Include a free magnet in your product’s packaging during the month of April

·        Create a Cancer Control Month car magnet and display it on all company vehicles

·        Encourage your employees or customers to make a cash donation to a cancer-related charity of their choice, and have them show off their generosity with a custom car magnet

Additionally, the month of April is a great time to team up with a local cancer charity and offer them a free product or service during Cancer Control Month. By showing other companies and charities that you care, you’ll make a positive name for yourself that is sure to build long-lasting relationships.  

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Thea team at Sheet-Labels.com knows how to create professional-looking custom labels, magnets, and posters, and we get the job done quickly and cost-effectively. Contact us today to begin the process of preparing your labels for Cancer Control Month, and your company will help to make a difference during the month of April. 

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