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Using Cell Phones And Mobile Marketing Has Made Targeting Specific Customers Easier For Businesses!

March 19, 2013

Since the smartphone was first created and sold to individual users, the cell phone has been king. Mobile apps and high speed internet are now available in the palm of a customers hand whether they are at home on the couch, driving on the highway or walking through the park.

For web-based retailers, the cell phone is an amazing marketing tool! How often do you leave home without your cell phone? When you’re bored, do you get on your phone? Do you search the Internet on your phone?

Developing mobile aps or cell phone friendly website pages is becoming more popular. Both small and large businesses are able to reap the benefits of mobile marketing. The following are some key ways businesses are getting an extra boost via mobile apps.



  1. Geo-Targeted Push Notifications
  2. Additional Sales Opportunities
  3. Geo-Targeted Advertising
  4. Dynamic Offers
  5. Pushing Through the Funnel
  6. Data Gathering
  7. Compete Anywhere

The first key is geo-targeted push notifications. This first key is a great tool! Geo-targeting customers allows businesses to push notifications to specific customers. Using data, businesses can send notifications to customers in specific areas and even to people who’ve visited their site during a specific time period. This allows businesses to target specific customers based on where they are, when they’re there and what they’re interested in!

The second key is additional sales opportunities. Riding in the car, sitting at the doctor’s office, eating at a restaurant or working out at the gym: these are all times when normally, customers aren’t using computers. But, with smartphones this “dead time” is the perfect time to pull out a cell phone and get some online searching and shopping done! Businesses can now reach customers at all times of the day rather than specific times when users are at home, in the office or somewhere that has Wi-Fi.

The third key is geo-targeted advertising. When you’re driving down the highway or in a city, you often see billboards. These billboards advertise something relevant to the place you’re at or somewhere close by. With geo-targeted advertising using cell phones, advertisements can be changed to fit customers in any location. Businesses can send coupons to customers in a certain location while pushing a specific product in another geographic location.

The fourth key is dynamic offers. By combining different keys such as push notifications and geo-targeting, businesses are better able to collect data and use that information to better understand their customers, markets and advertising plans. Are you trying to sell a certain number of products by a specific time? Your business can now send a coupon or notification to customers who’ve recently looked up information regarding your products that are nearby!

The fifth key is pushing through the funnel. It’s a great feature on most smartphones that users can enlarge the screen. But, it’s still a hassle for customers to type in their information when ordering a product. Using cell phone GPS, transactional apps can detect a user’s location and automatically fill in their address. This saves your customer time and the hassle that comes along with filling in information on smartphones!

The sixth key is data gathering. Not only can you use geo-targeting and Facebook check-ins to gather information about your customers but it’s also becoming popular for businesses to track signals from mobile devices. Physical retail shops don’t have this kind of information!

The seventh key is competing anywhere! Have you ever visited a store in person to try on a piece of clothing to figure out your size? Have you gone to a physical store to see a new piece of technology? After you’ve visited the physical store, do you make your purchase online? New price comparison apps, receiving coupons via email and the more inexpensive option of shopping online is making web-based business more valuable now and is going to continue that trend into the future!

Does your company have an online store? Do you use any of these keys to target your customers? Share your stories and experiences on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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