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Up and Coming Plain Packaging Regulations

January 29, 2015

If you follow any packaging industry news outlets then you have heard about some of the upcoming packaging changes with cigarettes in the UK. These changes will be brought on by upcoming legislation that will make cigarette manufacturers package their product in plain packaging.

There have been heated debates from both sides of the plain packaging debate. The majority of the people that are against plain packaging point to Australia, and how the strategy has not been successful. Australia passed a law that made it mandatory for all tobacco products to be packaged in plain packaging that only had health warnings on them, and so far tobacco sales have not gone down too much.


Australian lawmakers do still feel optimistic about the decision since evidence shows that the plain packages are making cigarettes less appealing to children. It is also encouraging that more smokers in Australia have changed their stance about plain packaging.

A recent study showed that many Australian smokers do support the plain packaging, even though many were opposed to it initially. The reason that so many were opposed to plain packaging on cigarettes was because they felt that it was an infringement on the rights of companies to advertise their products.  


The campaign in the UK that supports plain packaging on tobacco is called "Plain Packs Protect", and it is run by a group of health organizations. The smokers’ rights group FOREST, who receive funding from tobacco companies, have a counter-campaign going which is called "Hands Off Our Packs". The Philip Morris Tobacco Corporation made a statement as well, in their statement they said they would file a lawsuit against the Government if the proposed legislation was approved.

There are many packaging professionals in the United States that think this trend may even reach the US soon. Manufacturers are preparing now so that if a change is made, they will be ready. It has also been predicted that we will see additional products that will be required by law to have plain packaging, specifically alcohol and junk food.

We would love to hear from some of our readers with your thoughts on this. Do you think plain packaging on cigarettes is a good move? Would you like to see this happen in the United States?

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