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Top Trending Juice Label Styles To Help Your Juice Bar Standout

June 22, 2017

Top Trending Juice Label Styles To Help Your Juice Bar Standout


Whether you’re looking for a cleanse or to simply quench your thirst, there’s no denying that juice bars and juicing have become a nationwide craze in recent years. With the juice industry pulling in almost $3 billion in revenue in 2016, it’s a trend that is definitely worth capitalizing on. But as with most promising business opportunities, as the market continues to grow, so does the competition. This is where juice labeling comes in.


So you’ve decided to start a juice bar, but how do you standout? If you’re still in the process of getting off the ground, we’ll get into how to go from a Farmers Market juice stand to juice bar owner in another post.


For now, we’re going to focus on one of the ways you can make your juice bar stand out from the rest - with trendy juice labels. If you have a stall in a public market, or a storefront on a busy street, it’s important that customers are enticed by your juice. Having a large display of fresh fruit will help sell the freshness of your product, but a great label will help sell the product itself.

 Juice Bar Labels

Juice bottle labels are important for conveying relevant ingredient information, however, they’re also a powerful branding tool that can catch the eye of potential customers, raise brand awareness and ultimately increase sales. What you are ideally hoping for is that when your bottle walks out the door, it will be strongly carrying your branding with it, creating interest in your product. Avoid blank bottles or bland labels with these trending styles.

 Juice Bar Labels

Clear Labels

 The number one trending style that we’re seeing in juice labels these days is by far clear labels. If you’re looking to showcase the vivid color of your juices, while featuring your branding in a straightforward way, then clear labels are definitely the best way to do it. They can be as minimalistic or complex as you want, but the focus always stays on the juice. Clear Juice Labels

Die Cut Labels

 The best way to make a splash with your juice bar’s bottle or smoothie labels is a funky, custom die cut label. They can be cut to the shape of your logo, the shape of the main ingredient, or any fresh design you’d like to put out there. Wrapping around the bottle with their custom cut, they’ll be sure to draw the attention of any onlookers.

Die Cut Juice Labels

Bold Square Labels

A bright and clean option that attracts many views, bold square labels are making waves as a heavily branded option for those looking to pack extra punch on their juice bottles. These are a significantly stronger look than the minimalist clear ones, so it’s key that your design is on point with these. Most popular are white and color block options, but we’d love to see someone do a full metallic one.

Bold Square Labels

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