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Tips for Removing Leftover Sticker Residue

October 04, 2016

Stickers are an awesome way to promote your company in a fun and creative way, but we know they have a downside—like the sticky residue that sometimes gets left behind on belongings even after the sticker is removed.

Let’s say you’ve designed and printed the perfect custom round stickers, printed window sticker, or other type of promotional label, and your clients, friends, and family have been sticking them all over their belongings to proudly display their support. Except, now one of those people is selling the laptop they placed the sticker on, and they can’t get rid of the residue that the sticker may have left behind.

Have no fear, because removing leftover sticker residue is a simple process that doesn’t take long to complete.

Tip # 1:  Erase Residue from Metal or Plastic

The materials you use to remove sticker residue will vary depending on the type of item you’re trying to clean, but each method is just as simple as the other. To remove sticker residue from plastic or metal surfaces, you can simply erase the residue from the item using a pencil eraser.

For bigger or trickier surfaces, you can first soak the area in cooking oil overnight, and then the sticker should peel right off the next day. If that method doesn’t work, you can use a razor blade to scrape the sticker adhesive from the surface or begin erasing the residue once again. If these tips do not get the job done, you can also use vodka, wet wipes, nail polish, and degreasers on plastic surfaces.

Tip #2: Remove Sticker Residue from Glass

To remove sticker residue from a glass item such as a beer or wine bottle, start by soaking the entire bottle in a bowl of hot water to help loosen the label from the glass surface. Peel away the top surface of the sticker or label, and then add olive oil or peanut butter to remove any remaining sticker or residue. Let the oil or peanut butter sit for a few minutes and then use a paper towel to wipe it away. Simply wash the bottle with soap and water to remove any leftover oil or peanut butter.

If you’re removing a sticker from a glass surface like a mirror, you will be better off applying olive oil to the surface, letting it sit for a minute, and then wiping the residue away with a paper towel.

Reusable Products on the Rise

In addition, these tips can be used to remove sticker or label residue leftover from product labels and product packaging. These days, many people prefer to reuse their products to benefit the environment, and they start by removing the product label from the reusable container to re-label the product on their own.

If you know your customers will be reusing your packaging long after the product runs out, you may be interested in our removeable labels. is available to help you with any of your labeling needs, including the printing of custom round stickers, blank window stickers, and more! Contact us today to learn more. 

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