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Tips for Getting Your Cosmetics to Stand Out on the Shelves

August 27, 2016

According to an article published by The Huffington Post, the average woman wears the same style of makeup for 11 years before switching to a new makeup routine. The study also found that women tend to use the same brand of cosmetics for about 4 years at a time, which makes it tricky for new brands to jump in and attract new customers.

The article was centered around a study conducted by www.CouponCodes4u.com which surveyed approximately 2,000 women regarding their cosmetic purchasing decisions. The study revealed that women usually only switch to a new brand of makeup after their preferred brand is discontinued or after a major increase in price. Interestingly, 56 percent of women said that product discontinuation is their main reason for switching products while 35 percent are driven away by a price increase.

Stand Out In a Competitive Industry

This study tells us that the cosmetics industry isn’t an easy industry to break into, which is why your custom labels really need to stand out amongst all of the others. If your label stands out and catches a consumer’s eye, you just might have your shot at gaining a new loyal customer.

One way to get your product to really stand out is to walk through the cosmetic aisle and see for yourself what stands out to you. Is it a certain color that really pops, or is the packaging different from the others? You’ll need to find a way to make your product unique to your clients. If you’re targeting the natural cosmetics market, you’ll want to make sure that the wording for natural or organic stands out.

It’s All in a Name

An effective way to get your beauty product to stand out is to give your products an appealing name. In a recent article published by AOL, some of the most popular lipstick shades of all time include names such as “Lip Color in Bruised Plum”, “Lipstick in Ruby Woo”, “Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Colour in Pirate”, “Almost Lipstick in Black Honey”, and “Colour Riche Lipcolour in Fairest Nude”.

Consumers like to visualize the look and feel of the product when they read the name of the product, and these names do a great job of helping the shopper to identify with the product. If your custom labels are descriptive enough to help clients imagine the product on themselves, you’ll have a better chance of getting them to purchase your brand.

Don’t Miss Important Information

In addition to creating an aesthetically-pleasing label that will stand out on the shelves, you’ll want to make sure that you’re including important safety information on the cosmetic label.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), cosmetic labels should include the product’s expiration date, a list of the product ingredients by predominance, and if the product is hypoallergenic, organic or natural. You must also include directions for safe use and any warnings to using the product, if applicable.

These days, consumers want to know more about the products they’re purchasing. They want to know if their products have been tested on animals, whether or not they are environmentally-friendly, or if they contain harmful chemicals. Companies generally earn extra points if they include additions such as these! 

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