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TinyTinkers, LLC: Packaging Baby Clothes Is Taken To A Whole New Level By Adding A Crystal Clear Polyester Printed Label To Product Packaging!

June 13, 2013

Have you been searching for adorable clothing for your babies? Have you ever considered dressing your baby in clothes that showcase your interests and tell a story?

Meet TinyTinkers, LLC! Professional photographer and designer Orly Catz started TinyTinkers, LLC. “I have been a professional photographer and designer for over 18 years”, said Orly. Adding, “While most of my commercial work has been inspired by nature, travel and food, my creative side always seems to bring me to new and exciting places.”

Orly brainstormed TinyTinkers, LLC while thinking about how to photograph toddlers and truly showcase their infatuation with their mother and father. “TinyTinkers, LLC materialized from an idea to combine my illustrative photography style and infant and toddler fashion”, she said. Stating, “I couldn’t think of a better way to express baby’s infatuation with mom and dad, than to wear a garment that replicates their interests”.

Not only has Orly created adorable clothing for babies that portray a story, but she’s done it in a safe way! “Garments are made with 100% cotton, and dyes are water based, safe and non-toxic which makes them suitable for babies and children”.

TinyTinkers, LLC creator, Orly Catz orders Crystal Clear Gloss Laser weatherproof polyester printed labels. The Crystal Clear Gloss Laser Polyester labels are used on the clear packaging for her TinyTinkers, LLC clothing.

The Crystal Clear Polyester label material blends in with Orly’s packaging, which allows her artwork to standout! “SheetLabels.com has done a wonderful job with my labels, I love them” said Orly!

The next time you’re looking for the perfect baby shower gift or adorable outfit for baby photos, think TinyTinkers, LLC!

Have you ever ordered any of the garments offered at TinyTinkers, LLC? Do you use the Crystal Clear Gloss Polyester label material? Share your stories and experiences on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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