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Three Unique Wine Bottle Label Design Choices that Can Set Your Product Apart

August 13, 2016

The look and feel of a custom printed label can either make or break a consumer’s decision to purchase a particular brand of wine, depending on the reason for their purchase. If the bottle of wine is to be enjoyed by themselves, they may be more flexible in their purchase, and they’ll probably opt for the same bottle that they always get. On the other hand, if a consumer is purchasing a bottle of wine as a gift for a friend, co-worker, or family member, they may try to find something a bit more personalized.

If a consumer is purchasing a bottle of wine for a wedding gift, anniversary party, or a home date night, they will probably look for a label that has a romantic, timeless feel to it. If they’re gifting a bottle of wine to a friend for their housewarming gift, they are probably going to search for a bottle with a label that is a bit livelier. You probably won’t buy your best friend the same bottle of wine that you bought your dad last year for Father’s Day. You want your label to cater to the person on the receiving end of the bottle of wine. You want it to be relatable to the person receiving the gift from you.

Make Your Custom Printed Labels Stand Out

Product labels are incredibly important in attracting the right target market for your brand. The perfect label can set your bottle of wine apart from any other product on the shelf. When you look at bottles of wine arranged on supermarket shelves, they probably all blend together and don’t really stand out that much. You want your label to stand out as much as possible but look beautiful at the same time.

Many wine bottles contain product labels that stick horizontally to the front and back of each bottle of wine. To take things up a notch, consider three unique designs that will make your bottle pop amongst a wall of bottles that blend together.

Three Unique Bottle Designs

First, consider placing your label vertically along the full body of the bottle. The words may be harder to see or read from the side, but people may be more likely to spot it from where they’re standing, and they may be more inclined to pick it up and read it up close.

Second, consider giving your label an abstract design with bright colors. Colors are often a selling point when it comes to product labels. The right color can attract customers, while the wrong color can send them walking. Yellow signifies happy, so your yellow label might tell someone that they’re going to feel better if they purchase your bottle of wine. Maybe it  will really brighten their day!

Third, consider switching up the packaging. Sure, wine bottles look classy and romantic, but a bottle of wine in something other than a bottle will really make it stand out. Consider using a wooden box, Tetra Pak container, can, or glass jug. There are plenty of special occasions that don’t require a glass bottle of wine, and consumers will be impressed that you thought outside of the box (or in this case, the bottle)! Next, all you need to do is decide on the perfect custom printed label design to fit your brand’s needs. 

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