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This Small Change Regarding Wine Labels Means Big Things For Your Brand

November 14, 2016

Up until recently, wine producers and importers were required to list an approximate alcohol level in their wine formulas when applying for federal label approval. However, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) recently announced one small change that could mean big things for your customized wine labels and future wine sales.

Details About the Change

The TTB recently announced that wine producers and importers will no longer be required to list their formula’s alcohol level on their application. While it may sound like a minor change that doesn’t really have much of an impact on sales, it can actually lead to better-tasting wine, product transparency, and increased revenue.

Before the change took place, alcohol levels were never completely accurate. Since brands often times need to fill out their application for federal label approval before the final blend of wine has been finalized, many wine makers needed to guess the approximate alcohol content and then modify their formula later on.

Consumers Want Accuracy

Since the federal label approval process has consistently been the main reason why wine producers haven’t been able to provide accurate alcohol content information, this change will be huge for wine companies. With the modification in effect, winemakers can now test alcohol content immediately before bottling it to ensure complete accuracy.

Consumers want transparency and they don’t want to be lied to, and this new change will provide more accuracy than ever before. Additionally, the TTB no longer needs to collect wine vintage, net content, or fax numbers.

How the Change Affects Tax

This announcement from the TTB could mean big things for wineries, winemakers, importers, and manufacturers.

First, the update will result in better-tasting wine since brands won’t need to change their formula to meet labeling requirements. Wines with less than 14 percent alcohol will still receive a 50 cents per gallon lower tax rate than blends with alcohol content over 14 percent alcohol.

In the past, winemakers needed to dilute the wine with water or weaker bulk wine to meet the 14 percent alcohol content requirement. Now, brands can sell wines that contain more than 14 percent alcohol and they just need to pay 10 cents more in tax per bottle.

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