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Things to Know When Ordering Roll Labels

April 23, 2015

As many of you may already know with the recent press, we are now offering printed roll labels at SheetLabels.com. If you are a current customer that has always ordered sheet labels from us and want to make the switch to roll labels, we can walk you through the process with your first order.

Using roll labels with label applicators can make labeling your products much more efficient, especially when it comes to large labeling runs. Without a label applicator machine it would take quite a while to label all of your products by hand. This makes an applicator machine very helpful, and it will easily pay for itself with all of the time you are saving from no longer hand labeling.

Maximum Roll Size

This is the maximum outer diameter of full roll of labels. Label applicator machines are all different, and depending on that, the maximum allowed roll size can vary. This is information that will be needed when ordering roll labels. Most label applicators have a maximum roll diameter limit of 8”, but there are some that can handle up to 12”.

Core Size

The core size that is needed for a specific label applicator also needs to be known. When ordering roll labels this is something else that needs to be known since there are different core sizes used on different equipment. If you do not make sure that you order the right core size, the core you receive may not fit onto the shaft of your applicator machine. 

Label Size

The label size that you need for your products is also important to know. Sizes can be adjusted on the applicators but in most cases you want the machine to stay at a set size for a specific product. So ordering the correct label size is important to keep your machine settings accurate.

Gap Size

This refers to the empty space between labels. When a roll label applicator machine is running it needs to know when the next label will come after applying one. This is why it is important to know your label size and the gap size between labels. This allows the machine to be set up properly to label a job without errors. Some machines will need to use the label and gap size, and other will want the label repeat (see below) size.

Label Repeat

The label repeat term is another one that you may get asked when ordering roll labels. This refers to the size of the label plus the size of the gap. 

Wind Direction

The wind direction refers to what way the labels come off of the roll. Labels can come off the roll top first, bottom first, or the left, or right side first. Depending on how your machine is set up, this is an important detail to know when ordering. 

For more information on roll label terms you can view our roll label glossary.


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