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Customers Love Businesses Who Utilize These Seven Golden Rules Of Marketing!

April 17, 2013

Marketing can often be expensive, confusing and even difficult for business owners. Do we create an app and mobile site for smartphone users? Do we utilize social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn?

In a society driven by technology, marketing continues to evolve each and everyday. But, there are seven golden rules of marketing that are consistent throughout the changing spectrum. Those seven golden rules are:



  1. Highlight your uniqueness
  2. Be consistent
  3. Keep it simple
  4. Branding
  5. Keep it real
  6. SEO
  7. Blogging for dollars

The first golden rule of marketing is to highlight your uniqueness. Chances are you’re not the only business selling a specific product or offering a certain service. When starting your business ask yourself, “What makes my service or product more unique than my competitors”? Perhaps you offer faster turnaround time or products that can be customized to a customer’s specific preference. Once you figure out how you’re company is different and stronger than your competitors’, focus on that aspect in your marketing. This is known as your unique selling proposition.

The second golden rule of marketing is to be consistent. Consistency trickles down from the biggest parts of a company such as the logo to the smallest details such as the way employees answer the phone. Customers can be found hundreds of different ways from, business cards to social media and even through search engines. Consistency in the way your products and company are portrayed, gains customer trust and business.

The third golden rule of marketing is to keep it simple. There is no need to over-complicate your products and services. It’s more about quality than quantity with customers. They want to know the benefits of your products and they want it to be to the point. Overwritten and overly thought out blogs or advertisements lose customer attention!

The fourth golden rule of marketing is branding. When developing a brand, think about how you can be different from your competitors. Doing competitor research into the way they word their products, talk about their business and especially the colors of their business can help you develop your brand in a unique way. Think about fast-food chains, both Wendy’s and McDonalds use red and yellow in their logo colors. Though each is popular in their own unique way, if you were to start a fast food chain, changing the color scheme would be a way for customers to distinguish your brand from the others.

The fifth golden rule of marketing is to keep it real. Always tell the truth about your products and services and stand behind that truth. Don’t try to sell your customers the moon if you can’t actually give it to them. Word of mouth advertising is not only free but also very powerful. You’re only hurting yourself and your business if you lie to customers!

The sixth golden rule of marketing is SEO. There are ways for businesses to increase their search engine ranking by writing for search engine optimization. Learn about keywords and how to use those keywords effectively!

The final golden rule of marketing is blogging for dollars. Blogging is a unique way to engage customers through well-written, witty posts that can involve photos and videos. Customers are able to comment on blog posts and share them on their social media sites! Advertise products on your blog, use links from your website and if you’re blog is written on a social blogging site such as, BlogSpot, be sure to link those blog posts to your homepage! Getting customers to you’re website is the first step!

Marketing and selling products is about being consistent throughout each aspect of your brand from products, to packaging to your website design!

Do you implement any of these golden rules in your marketing strategy? Share your stories and experiences on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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