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The Impact of Social Media on the Labeling/Packaging Industry

January 28, 2015
power of social media

In 2015 there is no denying the power of the internet, and more specifically, social media. In this day and age news is broken via social media faster than ever before with traditional media.

The web can literally make or break a business. This makes it extremely important for business owners, marketing teams, customer service teams, and all others that represent your company to better understand the power of social media.

Power & Responsibility

Just recently we saw a small pre owned car dealership pretty much get run out of business via social media. This began with employees uploading a video to YouTube, and due to the nature of the video, it backfired on the employees, went viral, and caused a PR circus for the dealership. Within a couple of days the dealership website was gone, their social media accounts deactivated, and the phones just rang with no answer. It has been a couple of weeks and the site is back, and it appears that they are open for business again, with a few less employees.

The dealership still has a problem online though, because any site where they can have reviews posted, has been flooded with negative reviews. The lesson in all of this is to never underestimate the power of social media!

Just like anything as powerful as social media, responsibility is important. If you harness the power of social media to spread a positive message and provide people with useful content, then you will reap the rewards. If you are irresponsible with this power, then it can turn around and bite you before you even have a chance to react.

Growing up we were always told to think carefully before we speak, this same rule should be applied to your social media accounts - Think Before You Post!

Social Media in the Labeling/Packaging Industry

Taking advantage of social media is important in any industry, and the packaging and labeling industry is no different. There are many brands that are fully taking advantage of their social channels, and these are the brands that are standing out more and more every day.

Exposure is necessary in order to see continued growth, and if you are not taking advantage of all of the social media networks where the customers hang out, then you are missing out on big opportunities. That is one of the keys to marketing, both on and offline, you need to be where the customers are.

This makes it essential to know the type of people that are buying your products. When you know more about your target demographic, it is much easier to find the places online where they spend their time. Once you know that, it becomes much easier to engage with them. 

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