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The Benefits of Using Weatherproof Labels

August 29, 2016

Whether you bottle your own craft beer, specialty wines, or generally want to brand spirit labels with your business’s logo, have you considered weatherproof labels? A specialty label that can withstand the elements - including moisture, extreme temperatures, solvents, grease and oil - custom printed labels that are weatherproof make re-using your bottles a lot easier and that, in turn, affects your bottom line and creates savings.

Do You Really Need Weatherproof Labels?

In a word, yes. If you want custom printed labels that can withstand cold rooms and fridges, you need to consider weatherproof labels. The labels can be color printed with your company’s brand and styling while still meeting your unique specifications. Some examples of weatherproof labels include:

·       White polyester labels – a strong and sturdy label that is resistant to tears, moisture, temperature, and is weatherproof.

·       Vinyl weatherproof labels – this inkjet material offers a matte finish and is also waterproof. The vinyl is finished with a top coat of water fast inkjet coating.

·       White BOPP labels – is a plastic film that is resistant to UV rays. A laminate can be added to the able to protect the ink from running.

·       Silver BOPP – with a silver finish the material is moisture resistant and highly reflective making it ideal for wine bottles. The chrome finish makes for an eye-catching label, sure to get your brand noticed.

Custom Printed Weatherproof Labels – The Advantages

There is a myriad of benefits for using these kinds of labels:

·       Weatherproof labels hold up brilliantly under water, in humid climates, and in refrigerators

·       The labels are easy to reposition

·       They are just as easy to remove and will not leave a residue. This means you can wash and re-use bottle effortlessly

·       You can brand the labels in vivid, full colors complete with a smooth, rich texture.

·       Labels will not bubble, soften or wrinkle when immersed underwater for long periods

·       Bottles with weatherproof labels can be stored in damp environments and still look vibrant

·       The labels are easy to apply and can be stretched slightly to settle into slight surface changes

Why Are Weatherproof Labels Popular with Our Customers?

Weatherproof labels prove popular as they can be used for an array of applications, including:

·       Water, wine, and beer bottles – the labels are great for customizing your bottles. Chilling and condensation won’t affect the weatherproof labels.

·       Body and bath product containers – if you’re labeling products that will sit in the bathroom or near a sink, the weatherproof materials will prevent inks bleeding into the sink or basin.

·       Sauce and food product bottles – if you bottle jams, hot sauces, and the like, the labels can withstand the condensation from being in the refrigerator.

Who doesn’t want to get their brand out there and remain top of mind with their customers and future customers?

When you order professionally designed labels, you automatically create a higher-end product that gets your product on shelves in the top bars, restaurants, and retailers. If your beverages are going to be stored in cold rooms and refrigerators, you don’t want a label that is going to bubble and warp. It needs to remain perfectly intact for the duration of its shelf life.

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