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Thanksgiving Day Fun for Kids

November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Day is a day filled with family, friends, food, and football. For younger kids though, boredom can get the best of them during the long day. Trying to keep them occupied can be tricky though, here are some crafts just for the kids to help make the day more exciting for them.

Festive Nametags

Festive nametags are a simple craft that can be done with paper plates, medium/large labels, scissors, and crayons/markers. We would recommend brown kraft labels since their natural color is already a Thanksgiving color.

The labels can be cut into any shape that the kids want but we would suggest turkeys, acorns, cornucopias, pilgrim hats, etc. Having each of these Thanksgiving icons represented will make the décor fit the theme of the day. When they decide what they want to create for their Thanksgiving decoration they just need to draw it on the label and then cut it out.   

Once the symbol is cut out of the blank label it can be attached to the paper plate. The last step after adhering the label to the plate is writing the name of the dinner guest and then decorating the placeholder however they wish.

We made our own festive nametags which you can see in the post image or on Instagram!

Thanksgiving Dinner Food Labels

When you host a large Thanksgiving feast you need to make a lot of food. Labeling all of the food so guests know what everything is without having to ask can make things go smoother. For this project all you require is a sharpie, some crayons, and some plain white labels.

We would recommend a removable label in a size like our SL576 3.75” x 1.25” rectangle labels since they are the perfect size to label all of the food.

Once you gather the materials you can write the name of the food on the label with your sharpie, and then pass them off to the kids so they can decorate them however they wish. When they are all decorated you can stick the labels right to each dish so everyone can clearly read them.

Doggy Bags

Bringing home leftovers is another Thanksgiving tradition in many families, so why not create personalized doggy bags for everyone that attends your Thanksgiving feast. This is another simple and fun craft that the kids can do while waiting to sit down and eat turkey.

For this project all you require is some brown paper bags, crayons and markers, and blank labels for each doggy bag required. This is a very simple project, but it can keep the kids occupied for a while. The first step is writing the names on the labels and sticking them to the bags.

Once that is done, it is time to unleash the kids on them with the crayons and markers. They can color the labels and the bag so they have a big canvas to show their creativity while adding a personal touch to the doggy bags.

Tissue Paper Turkeys

This is a fun craft that calls for an 8.5” x 11” full sheet label, multiple colors of tissue paper, markers/crayons, scissors, and some construction paper. The label in this project will eliminate the need for any messy glue since the adhesive from the labels will have plenty of tack to hold it all together.

To get started you want to take the construction paper and cut out a turkey head and set it to the side. Next, you need to cut the tissue paper up into small rectangle pieces, just be sure to use various colors to make your turkey bright and vibrant. After everything is cut out it is time to draw the turkey's face on the head you cut out in the first step. When the face is all ready to go it is time to start sticking it all together.

To stick it all together, you need to remove the back of your 8.5” x 11” label and set it on the table with the sticky side facing up so it does not adhere to the table. Then, you take the turkey head and stick that in the middle of the label adhesive so the face slightly hangs off of the long (11”) of the label.

When the head is situated and stuck to the label, you will have a large sticky area all around the head. This is where you want to fill in with tissue paper starting from the head and making your way out. The tissue paper will give your turkey a nice feathery look when you layer the tissue paper as you attach it.

Once you have the turkey looking the way you like, you can trim the excess label stock off of the top and around the tissue paper. Giving it a rounded look will make the turkey look more realistic, when finished you will have a beautiful and colorful Thanksgiving decoration!

We hope that all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones!

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