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Mastering Each Level Of The Success Pyramid Is Less About The Individual And More About The Team!

February 20, 2013

Have you ever participated in a team sport? If you have, perhaps you have a memorable coach? Many times we can look back at our favorite coach and remember a saying, a specific quote used to motivate the team before a big game.

Many athletes can look back at their days on the court or playing field and say that being an athlete, being part of a team shaped their life, even more so than specific classes in school. Sports educate on a variety of levels. Coach John R. Wooden put together a class and designed a pyramid about success.

Athletes and adults alike can look through the levels of the pyramid and see how each individual block shapes their lives and how the pyramid itself is the perfect way for co-workers to build success for a company.

The first level of the pyramid includes:

  1. Industriousness – meaning that there is no substitution for hard work.
  2. Friendship – friendship comes from mutual esteem and respect.
  3. Loyalty – to yourself and those depending on you.
  4. Cooperation – with all co-workers. Listen if you want to be heard.
  5. Enthusiasm – brushes off on those you contact. You must truly enjoy what you’re doing.

The second level of the pyramid includes:

  1. Self-Control – practice self-discipline. Good judgment and common sense are essential.
  2. Alertness – be observing constantly. Stay open-minded. Be eager to learn.
  3. Initiative – cultivate the ability to think and make decisions alone.
  4. Intentness – set realistic goals. Concentrate on achieving that goal.

The third level of the pyramid includes:

  1. Condition – mentally, morally and physically.
  2. Skill – knowledge of and the ability to properly and quickly execute the fundamentals.
  3. Team Spirit – a genuine consideration for others. An eagerness to sacrifice personal interests for the success of all.

The fourth level of the pyramid includes:

  1. Poise – be yourself and be at ease during any situation.
  2. Confidence – respect without fear. This comes from being prepared.

The final level of the pyramid is:

  1. Competitive Greatness – be at your best when your best is needed. Enjoy the difficulty of a challenge.

Each individual block on each level of the pyramid has to do with shaping ones self to be better. Better when no one is looking, better when you don’t need to be the best and better when you’re on the spot.

By practicing and mastering each step of the pyramid, individually you’ll become more successful. Once you’ve bettered yourself, you’ll be better for the team, whether that team is a sports team or a work team.

Sports evolve individuals by teaching discipline. Hard work and dedication, time management and fundamentals, conditioning and mental toughness. All of these characteristics that Coach Wooden laid out in his pyramid are fundamentals that can create individual success not just in sports but also in life. “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

Which block of the pyramid do you think is most important to shape an individual? Which step betters the team? Share your feedback on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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