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Stickers as Promotional Giveaways

April 01, 2015

We have discussed using stickers for brand awareness and in your marketing strategies in the past. This time we wanted to get a little more in depth and discuss some actual strategies which use stickers as promotional giveaways.

Why Promotional Giveaways Benefit Your Brand

All consumers love things for free, even if it is something small like a pen, money clip, or a sticker with an inspirational phrase on it. Promotional giveaways benefit your brand because when they are used by the people they are given to, they get seen by other people that could potentially become new customers.

Using stickers for promotional giveaways is a great idea because they are often stuck in places where they will get a decent amount of visibility. Some of the common places that stickers are used is on cars, windows, bikes, instrument cases, and many other places where they have a good chance of being seen.

Coming up with different types of messaging for your stickers will also go a long way in being remembered. Some of the types of messaging below have been proven to work time and time again.

Inspirational Messages

Messages that are meant to give inspiration to others are often remembered, especially when they do inspire those that see the message. There are many inspirational quotes from well-known public figures throughout history that are available to use. After so many years, intellectual property, such as quotes, become public domain and can be used for all kinds of different purposes. More info on this can be found HERE.

There are many great sayings from well-known authors whose books are also now considered public domain since they were published before 1923. HERE and HERE have some great info regarding public domain authors and books.

You do not have to use a quote or a saying from a well-known person though, you can come up with your own inspirational saying. It may seem daunting at first, but once you get brainstorming you will find out that it’s not too hard.

Humorous Messages

Another thing that people love to do is laugh, laughter can turn a bad day around quickly, and helping turn someone’s day around will be remembered. Coming up with some humorous sayings that make sense with your brand can go a long way in being seen, read, and remembered when used on promo stickers.

Having a good marketing team to help brainstorm catchy, funny sayings for your stickers is a great way to come up with ideas to have printed on your stickers. When people see stickers with phrases on them they usually get curious and have to read them, which makes this strategy work very well.

Feel Good Messages

Positive inspiration can be a great pick up for someone that is dealing with a bad day. Public domain sayings or quotes can work in this situation too, or your team can come up with their own messages to help others feel good.

Promotional products that are doing something for others can go a long way in terms of reach, and top of mind awareness. 



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