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Spring Crafts with Labels

April 03, 2015

With the weather starting to get nicer in many parts of the country the smell of spring is in the air. With the temperatures rising it is time for spring crafts for children and adults alike.

In this post we will go over some fun and unique crafts that can be done with labels and some other common household items. These are nice and simple and more than likely you will already have everything you need right at home.

Basket Labels

A common tradition around the beginning of spring is to give the children baskets filled with candy and small toys and games. When you have more than one child to buy baskets for it is important to label each one so it is clear which one belongs to which child.

This is a perfect use for labels and will ensure that each of your children knows which basket belongs to them. With all of the excitement when first seeing their baskets they will immediately want to grab the closest one to them, so this will solve that problem too. Using large labels with their names printed or written very large will make the children’s names stand out when they first see their baskets.

Egg Hunt Bag Labels

Another popular tradition during the spring is having egg hunts for the children. Usually these are small plastic eggs that are filled with candy, money, and other small items. It is a lot of fun for kids since it is a little treasure hunt right in your yard.

Each child will need a bag to put their eggs in as they find them, and this is something else that labels are a perfect solution for. Using labels to differentiate the children’s bags can be even more fun for them if they each get to decorate their own label. Kids love to be creative, so just give them their label, and some markers or crayons, and let them have fun.

Homemade Candy Labels

Making your own candy can be a lot of fun, and it is also delicious. If you enjoy making candy at home for personal use or to sell, you can package them nicely using printed labels. You can create your design and print them right at home if you like to design and be crafty, or you can have us print them for you, but that takes away from the craft aspect of making candy.

Depending on what kind of candy that you make, different sized labels will be required. For something like a candy bar we would recommend labels like these 3" x 1" labels since they will fill out the face of a candy bar label. If it is something like a candy apple you would want a smaller rounded label like these 1.67" round labels to fit nicely on the side or the top of the wrapped product. 

Sticky Label Bunnies

Here is another fun craft for the kids, and all it requires is some blank labels, a pen or pencil, and some scissors. The first step is getting the proper labels, you will need a decent sized label so the bunny you make is not too small. We would recommend these 3.5” x 5” labels, so the bunnies are not too small or too big.

The next step is drawing out your bunny on the blank label, to make it look the best you should start with the outline and then color it all in after. If you cannot draw there are many places online to find free art with bunnies and other cute animals. Once the bunny is all drawn and colored it is time to cut it out, and then stick it wherever you would like.

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