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Social Media Visual Marketing Campaigns By Businesses Are Engaging Customers!

January 28, 2013

Have you ever noticed when you follow some businesses on Twitter they send you a direct message saying thank you with a coupon code for free shipping or 10% off your next purchase?

Some companies have also started Facebook promotions to give people who have “Liked” their page a coupon!

Though many customers like receiving free shipping or coupons for their next purchase, once they’ve liked that page, there’s little incentive to keep coming back. Sure, maybe your company posts a great status or a funny photo that receives some likes, or a happy customer who leaves a comment on your timeline, but what about everyone else?

In today’s society many people are tech savvy. They understand how to upload photos, tag others and check-in at locations across the globe. This makes marketing on social media far more effective for audiences from across the world!

Have you ever participated in or tried visual social media marketing campaigns? These campaigns have four strategies to follow to make sure the campaign works in your favor, they are:

  1. Target Tech Savvy Fans
  2. Offer Low Cost Prizes with High Returns
  3. Drive Engagement and Sharing
  4. Attract an Existing Fan Base

The first step is pretty self-explanatory. If you are basing a contest or marketing campaign on social media, you’re going to target people who know how to use the social media platform. You’re going to target individuals who know how to use technology to take photos or videos with their phones or cameras and upload them to Facebook and tag your company or upload to Twitter and hash tag your companies’ name!

The second step is to offer low cost prizes with high returns. The prizes should be valuable to your customers but cost effective for your company. Perhaps offering a $50 gift certificate, or a free shipping of the customer’s choice on a one-time purchase. This engages customers by drawing them to a prize that they would like to receive, and it allows your Facebook and Twitter pages to be liked, followed and shared by more customers gaining you more exposure.

The third step is to drive engagement and sharing. People love to win, whether it’s for a prize or for bragging rights so gaining your company as much exposure as possible is ideal. Cross-market your contests from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram and even on your company’s blog page! Because customers want to win, they’ll share your posts as well and that’s free advertising!

The final step is to attract an existing fan base. Instead of only trying to engage new fans, make a special competition or prize for one of your existing followers. Perhaps the current follower who shares the link most or gets the most people to like the link posted on their page wins an extra prize or something special!

Engaging new customers and gaining a new demographic or market is extremely important to any business thriving and surviving. But, repeat customers are the reason your business has been strong up to the current point. Do something special for your customers and you might be surprised how many people are willing to give you free advertising!

Have you ever participated in a visual social media campaign? Has your company ever tried a visual campaign on any social media platform? Share your stories on our Facebook or Twitter pages!

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