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Social Media: How Has It Changed The Marketing Industry?

August 27, 2012

Marketing has experienced some very drastic changes in recent years. Marketing has gone from “outbound” which is marketing that talks AT a consumer, to “inbound” which allows customers to engage with an advertisement.

These changes have been in large part due to the dot com era. These changes first began taking shape approximately nine years ago in 2004. This of course was the year that college dropout, Mark Zuckerberg, created the social media site known as Facebook.

Just one year later in 2005 Google began using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analytics, which filtered search results based on past information.

In 2006 the social media frenzy continued, this time with Twitter. Not only was another popular social media sharing site launched, but also Amazon.com sales topped 10 billion dollars. This significant dollar amount showed that consumers were beginning to make purchases online!

Jumping forward to 2010 and the beginning of the popular smart phone craze! During this time, 90% of United States households had a cell phone. Smartphones became so loved by users for many reasons including that you had access to the web right at your fingertips or in your back pocket. This led to Email Marketing reaching a drastic amount of cell phones for the first time!

Just last year in 2011 Google continued to show its depth by creating it’s own idea of a social media network known as Google Plus. Smartphone usage in the United States continued to grow until 1 in 2 Americans owned a smartphone! Finally, for the first time, Internet use surpassed time spent watching TV for younger demographics.

What have all these social media sites and cell phone users led to? They have led to this current year, 2012. Many companies have watched the trend of cell phone and online users continue to grow and because of that many companies have planned to increase their social media budget by up to 64%. Facebook continues to grow and has reached over 143 million users in the United States alone. Smartphone users are estimated to reach 107 million in this current year. Lastly, the invention of tablets like the iPad is estimated to reach upward of 55 million users this year alone.

It is important for companies and consumers alike to fully understand and grow with the industry. Marketing has always, and will always, continue to change depending on technology, demographics and of course products.

Let us know on one of our social media pages, either Facebook or Twitter what you think about the change in the market industry over the past nine years!

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