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Social Media & Increasing Brand Awareness

February 20, 2015

One of the most important factors for the success of a business is making people aware of your brand and your product. Creating brand awareness seems overwhelming at first, and trying to figure out where to start causes plenty of stress.

Social media is the perfect way to get your brand in front of your target audience.  It seems overwhelming at first, but once you get the hang of how it all works you will realize it is not that bad.

Using Available Platforms

There are multiple social media platforms that work great for getting your business in front of the right people. These are the places where your customers are already frequenting, so to not be active on them is only holding your brand back.

In order to create brand awareness, it is always important to know the types of people that you want to target, as well as where they spend their time online.

The first two platforms to start with are Twitter and a Facebook page, since they are two of the largest in terms of active users, and they are also fairly easy to get started with. Be sure to grab a Twitter handle that represents your brand, and the Facebook page should also be created using the brand name.

I would also recommend creating branded accounts on Instagram, Google+, and other relevant. Even if you do not have the time or manpower to manage all of these social media platforms, it is still important to claim your brand name. KnowEm is a handy tool that lets you check for your brand name on hundreds of social platforms, many you probably are not even aware of.

Finding the Right People

The next step is finding the right people to connect with. This can done easily right inside each of the social media platforms. There are also many tools available for social media management that allow you to find people, but to keep it simple in this post, we will go with the manual way of finding who you should connect with.

The Twitter Advanced Search feature makes it easy to find the right people. In the advanced search tool you can just add keywords (#hashtags) related to your brand, this will help you find relevant users talking about the same topics. It is important to connect with the authorities in the niche, you will know who they are when doing an advanced search because they will be very active, and will have many followers. FollowerWonk is another excellent tools for finding Twitter users.

On Facebook you also want to connect with people, and other pages within your industry. To find relevant pages and groups on FB, you need to click the little arrow in the top right of your FB page. When you click the arrow you will see a dropdown appear that says “Use Facebook as”. You want to use FB as the page that you created for your brand.

Once you are all set up to use FB as the page, you can start entering keywords in the search bar to find other relevant pages, besides competitors. Connect with the types of small businesses that may buy your products, as well as others that offer products that go well with yours but are not competition. The more related pages that you connect with, the better, and this will get more people to notice your brand.

Since you had adjusted your setting before starting, all of the pages that you like will be liked as your brand page. This immediately helps bring some additional brand awareness when the owners of these other pages see your branded page as a new like.

Join groups that are related to your niche, if you sell craft supplies, you want to join groups about crafts. When joining groups you cannot do so with your brand page, it has to be as your profile. Once you are a member of these groups you can share relevant information, or answer questions that can help others. You can also share your page occasionally in relevant groups, as long as it is not against the group rules. You do not want to be considered spam, so do not share your page too often, and make sure that it is ok to do so before the first time.

Daily Strategies to Get Exposure

Spening a little bit of time everyday and updating your social media profiles will keep your brand in peoples minds. Share news from your niche, educational and informative articles relevant to your niche, and even some fun content that others will enjoy.

This is the best way to share because you are providing information that is either helpful, enjoyable, educational, or just fun. When you are taking the time to provide these types of things for others it will get them to engage more with your pages, and engagement is just as important as taking the time to talk to your customers. 

It will not happen immediately, but as you move along and keep your profiles updated your followers will grow, and so will your engagement, and even your customer base.

Most of the time you can do this all for free, but to get the maximum reach on FB it is helpful to spend a little bit of money boosting your posts. You can target these to very specific groups of people, and you can also get more people to find and like your page with some simple, cost effective ads. Much of this is due to recent FB algorithm changes that drastically cut down the organic reach of branded pages. 

FreedomBlogger on Feb 23, 2015 in 03:41pm
Hi Shawn! These are some valuable tips for branding and increasing awareness of your brand! ... Social Networks are a great place to get your brand noticed, and make it popular in the cyberspace community. You can reach out to millions of people through Social Networks - so it is a good place to start branding! I didn't know about that site KnowEm. Now I do!! :) Thanks for sharing this knowledge! Keep up the great work! I wish you the best! Cheers! :D
Shawn on Feb 23, 2015 in 03:45pm
Thank you for the comment! I am very happy that you found the post helpful and got something out of it by discovering KnowEm! It is a great site to check for your brand name and then claim it on multiple sites. I know I have discovered some amazing platforms that I would never have known about before using KnowEm.
metz on Feb 25, 2015 in 02:12am
It takes a lot of social media efforts toward increasing brand awareness. You need to gather the right data about your target market to know where to find them and how to attract them. You need to prepare several lines of attacks to magnet the right audience. I agree that daily exposure is a big advantage to be seen by your prospects. "Daily Strategies to Get Exposure" spotted the ideas I have in my mind. This is necessary. Doing so, you can build Customer loyalty which drives revenue, and brand recognition is a key way to increase customer loyalty.
Shawn on Feb 25, 2015 in 08:52am
Thank you for the comment, and I am very happy that you liked the post. Everything that you said hit the nail on the head, and customer loyalty is what every band should be striving for.
Sherman Smith on Mar 9, 2015 in 01:12pm
Hey Shawn, You made a valid point by putting yourself out there to increase brand awareness. Using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter is a great start to put yourself out there. An important thing you want to do is network. You want to constantly meet people on these difference site. But one thing that a lot of people miss is that although you want to network, you want to network with the right type of people which will be your target market. You don't want to waste a lot of time with those that really don't have similar interests and goals, because in the long run it won't benefit either of you. I started off with facebook and focused my attention on certain groups and people. It took me a while to realize this, but i'm glad i went through the ringer to achieve this! Thanks for sharing Shawn, and I hope you have a great rest of the week! I found your post on kingged.com under the category of Social Media http://kingged.com/social-media-increasing-brand-awareness
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