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Smart Packaging & Labels Will Make Your Life Easier

March 31, 2015

With constant advancements in technology, things are becoming much easier for everyone, starting with the early adapters. In the past few years there have been many huge advancements with smart label technologies. Anything that makes everyday tasks easier for users will be embraced with open arms.

New Technology

One of the more recent trends that we have seen with smart packaging includes a new package that Apple has unveiled. This was first noticed in a patent that the company filed, and current trends predict that this technology will be coming to fruition very soon, possible with the release of the next iPhone.

With this technology, users will be able to start setting up and personalizing their new phones before even removing it from the package. This works by allowing the device still in the package to communicate with the user’s current device and it  personalizes the new phone based on that information. The product packaging will make it easy for the phones to communicate with each other since it will have an interactive label that tells the still packaged phone that information is being sent.

The new Johnnie Walker Blue label is another example of new smart labeling technology, and it will communicate with a user’s smartphone. This technology works by taking advantage of near field communication (NFC), which is very common in most current smartphones. This enables a whole new medium for brand to consumer communication.

Near Field Communication

With NFC technology, the user just has to hold their smart device near the label to see what types of interesting things have been included in the brands messaging. This may be promotional offers, contests, or just drink recipes using the specific brand.

This allows brands to send targeted promotions to consumers which can be based on location, as well as any other type of communication that they feel the consumer would relate to.

There are other benefits for brands and users as well, including anti tampering protection. If the package has been tampered with, stores and consumers will know it shortly after the tampering had occured. This new smart labeling technology will also make counterfeiting a thing of the past, so consumers can ensure they are getting the real deal. Companies will also be able to track shipments much more accurately because of these smart labels, making lost packages a thing of the past.

NFC is being taken advantage of already in many situations, including smart labels on food products with expiration dates. Now the consumer can know exactly how long a product has been on a shelf, what temps it has been stored in, and much more.

These are just a couple of the newer advancements in smart labeling and packaging. This is a great sign for the future though and many more will follow.

A Bright Future

All of the newer smart labeling and packaging technologies are usually embraced very quickly by brands and manufacturers, and many become new industry standards. Anything that helps make life easier is welcome by most of society because life gets pretty hectic, so being able to simplify even the simplest of tasks will save valuable time.

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