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The Silver Matte Polyester Laser Label Material Is Sure To Turn Heads!

October 16, 2012

If you’re in the market for something unique and durable than the Silver Matte Polyester material is what you need!

This label material is the most unique in terms of color in the polyester family. It’s not clear like our Frosty Clear Polyester material and it’s not bright white like the White Matte Polyester material. This material is silver!

One property that it does share with its family members mentioned before is that it has a matte finish. Matte simply means having a dull finish.

The texture of the Silver Matte Polyester laser label material is smooth allowing for beautifully printed artwork to really shine. Though the material is silver, colors seem to really pop, especially colors like blues and black. The dark colors are the perfect contrast with the light background they are printed on.

Like the other members of the polyester family, the Silver Matte Polyester material is designed to be used with a laser printer only as opposed to an inkjet printer.

The Silver Matte Polyester laser material is another one of our materials like the Crystal Clear Gloss Polyester laser material that is weatherproof. Being weatherproof this material is perfect for outdoors use.

The Silver Matte Polyester laser label material also boasts another great benefit… It’s tear resistant!

Combing the amazing color of the Silver Matte Polyester laser material with the fact that it’s also weatherproof and tear resistant and you have a label that is perfect for companies and individuals looking to label industrial items such as HDPE Drums and electronics.

The possibilities are endless for the Silver Matte Polyester laser labels. Their permanent adhesive, subtle change of color and weatherproof qualities make this material a force to be reckoned with.

How do you use your Silver Matte Polyester laser labels? We would love to find out just how versatile this material truly is!

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