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ShutterBooth Stays Organized With 100% PCW White Recycled Printed Labels From!

June 06, 2013

Have you ever hosted or been to an event where you wish there was a way to capture funny, creative images without having to hire a photographer? Have you been to a wedding or corporate event where guests are able to sit in a photo booth with props and take quirky photos?

Meet ShutterBooth! ShutterBooth is owned by a husband and wife duo looking to make your parties and events memorable! “My husband and I bought ShutterBooth a little over a year ago”, said Sara Robins. Adding, “We bought ShutterBooth from Kim and Nolan Gottschalk. I had worked for Kim and Nolan for three years previously”.

“ShutterBooth was started in 2007 when Kim wanted to find a photo booth to rent for her brother’s wedding and nothing like that existed in the area”, said Sara. Also stating, “She and Nolan decided to build a photo booth themselves. Everyone at the wedding loved it and here we are six years later doing 1,600 events a year!”

ShutterBooth has grown over the past few years into a large scale business. “There are now fifty ShutterBooth offices around the U.S.”, she said. Adding, “Because most of our events are seasonal, we have a true busy season between May and October. During that time I have to hire about forty-five part time employees that want to work Saturdays”!

Kim and Nolan chose to sell their Southeast Michigan office so they could concentrate more on strategy for the future of all the ShutterBooth offices. With so much growth, the ShutterBooth team needed labels they could depend on!

ShutterBooth orders 100% PCW White Recycled printed labels from! These labels have a permanent adhesive and are made of recycled materials! Perfect for printing, these labels showcase detailed text and bright artwork!

“We love working with”, said Sara. Stating, “The labels look professional and great. Every single one of our clients receive a DVD with all of their pictures in high resolution form following their events.”

She also said, “ provides the DVD labels so everyone sees them. They need to look clear, crisp and they have to stay on the DVD. delivers!”

The next time you’re looking to throw a party or you’re planning a wedding for yourself or a friend, checkout ShutterBooth for photos that are fun and add a little extra life to any party!

Have you ever used ShutterBooth? Do you order 100% PCW White Recycled labels? Share your stories and experiences on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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