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Adding new label sizes and 100% recyclable labels prove to be winning strategies

August 14, 2009

There are two things that businesses and consumers are looking for right now when shopping online. They’re looking for a deal and they’re looking for a value additive. Basically, they want the best price for the most value. That’s the approach the inkjet labels and laser labels providing www.SheetLabels.com has taken in 2009. Its latest offerings include new label sizes and a promising recycled product.

Always a good idea to offer more for less, SheetLabels.com wasn’t merely content to stick with its proven formula of offering custom printed labels, blank labels and various label sheets to its customers.  Despite the current economic slowdown, Sheet Labels took the risk of adding on new products. It introduced three new label sheet sizes: 8.5” x 12”, 8.5” x 14” and 11” x 17”. The gamble appears to be paying off.

Launched with a promotional email offering 15% off, the three new sizes are appealing to consumers. “We always want to keep the customer happy and offer them more,” elaborates Sheet Labels President and founder Adam Gray. “We are very pleased with the response thus far from the new sizes. It’s very satisfying to know that we took a risk and it paid off.”

Of the three, the 11” x 17” size appears to be the biggest hit. “The larger size sheet allows companies to print more labels in one printing than with conventional 8.5” x 11” label sheets. This savings is especially notable when companies have printing equipment that is serviced by third parties, where they are charged to use their equipment on a per-print or per-click basis. A savings of 50% or more is typically the result with the 11” x 17” label sheet. This savings can really help small-to-medium sized businesses,” explains Gray.

Sheet Labels also recognizes the important responsibility of being environmentally friendly. The thinking here is to appeal to those who deem ‘going green’ as a high priority business practice. “We use a lot of paper products, so providing a product that is created from 100% post-consumer waste to our clients was the logical next step.”

Gray and his team feature 100% PCW White Recycled post consumer waste (PCW) label sheets for sale on SheetLabels.com. “The common misconception about recycled paper is that the quality and color aren’t up to par. That’s simply no longer true.” Indeed, this 100% recycled product can be as high as 92% brightness when compared to your standard copy papers.

While sales of the recycled label sheets were slow initially, order volume has been steadily climbing each successive month. “It’s not a product that’s part of our core business, but it’s certainly heading that way.” Gray also believes any paper producing company that doesn’t offer at least one recycled product is simply shooting themselves in the foot. “It’s a competitive industry out there and you have to take advantage of any edge in perception you can get. If even one customer is happier because you carry an environmentally-friendly product, then it’s worth the effort."

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