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SheetLabels.com Customer Spotlight: Pete’s Paleo

February 18, 2015

Pete’s Paleo is a home delivery service for pre-made gourmet meals that cater to people that prefer a Paleolithic diet. The service is available for delivery in the continental US.

If you are not familiar with the Paleolithic diet, it is also sometimes referred to as a “caveman diet”. What this means is that all of the foods are similar to what our ancient ancestors would have eaten, including meat, vegetables, berries, and nuts.

The Paleo diet has been gaining in popularity ever since it was first introduced to modern society in the 70s, but in the early 2000s it picked up steam when a book was released called “The Paleo Diet”. The lifestyle is appealing to people because of the tremendous health benefits that it can provide.

Proponents of the Paleolithic diet feel that the human body and metabolism have not changed much at all since our ancient ancestors walked the earth, which means, in theory, that our bodies are still adapted to this type of diet. The nutritional value of the Paleolithic diet is rich in protein, vitamins, and many other important nutrients so it is a great way to eat delicious food that is very healthy.

Pete’s Paleo History

Pete’s Paleo was founded by Pete and Sarah Servold, who are a husband and wife team that founded and operate the company. Pete is a classically trained chef and became a fan of the Paleo diet shortly after the two started dating, with encouragement from Sarah.

Pete and Sarah knew that there was a demand for healthy, precooked, gourmet meals that only used the freshest ingredients. They got started in their kitchen in 2012 with only one client, and shortly after they started shipping throughout California. Soon, the business model took off, and now they have a much larger team and are able to ship nationwide, which is helping the brand grow at a rapid pace.

The team at Pete's Paleo includes many award winning chefs that all specialize in a different area of expertise. They have years of experience cooking gourmet meals with only the best ingredients, and they take great pride in creating amazing Paleolithic meals for each and every customer. 


All of the ingredients used in the Pete’s Paleo meals are locally sourced from farmers throughout California, which helps ensure that only the freshest organic ingredients go into each meal. The meats that are used in their meals come from local ranchers that they have a personal relationship with, and they only use meats from grass fed livestock. All of the meals are completely gluten free, dairy free, and soy free, with no sweeteners of any kind being used.

How it Works

It is simple to become a customer of Pete’s Paleo, they have menus for each different season according to the ingredients that are available at that time of year. The program is set up so you can order your pre made meals on weekly plans. You can get set up on a recurring plan which gives you a discount over ordering your weekly meals manually. All of the information to order can be found right here on the Pete’s Paleo order page.

When you receive your gourmet meals from Pete's Paleo, you will not be disappointed. The packaging that is used ensures that the foods stay fresh and cold while they are shipped to you. You will receive a box that contains a large thermal bag full of your meals which are packed in ice packs to ensure freshness.

Each meal comes in its own smaller bag which can be seen in the picture at the top of the post. The food portions are also individually sealed which helps keep everything as fresh as when it was first packed up. When heating up the food, it looks amazing on your plate, so you will feel like a chef personally prepared a fresh meal just for you.

Pete’s Paleo can be found in numerous places online in addition to their website, here are links to their social media profiles:

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