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Secret Scoop Gelato Labels Their Cold, Fresh Gelato With White Uncoated All Temperature & White Matte Polyester Printed Labels From SheetLabels.com!

September 05, 2013

Though summer may be winding down and the temperatures are starting to feel like those of fall, it’s always the perfect time for a sweet treat!

Meet Secret Scoop Gelato! Creator and owner of Secret Scoop Gelato, Funn, started this gelato business as a way combining her passion for the sweet treat with Thai culture. “I started my Thai Gelato business because I love eating ice cream but I wanted to make it in Thai style”.

Gelato is a cold, sweet treat and the gelato made at Secret Scoop Gelato is healthier than your average ice cream cone. “The rich flavor of our gelato comes from natural, wholesome ingredients”, said Funn. She also stated, “We at Secret Scoop Gelato believe that ice cream and gelato do not need to have loads of sugar and fat in order to taste good”.

At Secret Scoop Gelato customers can choose from over a dozen different flavors including, Peach Tahitian Vanilla Flavor, Strawberry Lavender Flavor and many more!

The owner of Secret Scoop Gelato orders white uncoated all temperature and white matte polyester printed labels from SheetLabels.com. The White Uncoated All Temperature label material is ideal for labeling products that face extreme hot or cold temperatures. The White Matte Polyester label material is durable, tear-resistant and weatherproof!

The team at Secret Scoop Gelato uses their White Uncoated All Temperature and White Matte Polyester printed labels to label the different flavors of their gelato.

When asked about her experience working with SheetLabels.com, Secret Scoop Gelato’s owner said, “working with SheetLabels.com has been great”. Adding, “SheetLabels.com has been flexible with some of the adjustments I made after I placed my order which made ordering my labels stress-free and easy”!

The next time you’re in the mood for a delicious, sweet, healthy treat, remember Secret Scoop Gelato!

Have you ever tasted any of the flavors of gelato served by Secret Scoop Gelato? Are you a fan of the White Uncoated All Temperature or White Matte Polyester label materials? Share your answers on our Facebook and Twitter pages by using #SLIBlog!

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