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How Does The Secret Chocolatier Use Premium White Uncoated Labels?

September 20, 2012

When you think local business, do you think families? One of our customers is a family run business in Charlotte, North Carolina!

This isn’t your “run of the mill business”. The Secret Chocolatier has a unique story behind their success!

Bill Dietz learned the art of this craft from his grandfather in Pennsylvania. After years of studying and perfecting his skills, he pursued a career as a pastry chef. This new career allowed Bill the chance to travel. But, throughout his journey he decided that he wanted to work more intensively with the chocolate.

Calling together a family meeting with his wife Karen, their daughter Robin and her husband Andy Ciordia, they decided to make Bill’s dream a family reality!

Being smart about their newfound business plan, the family started selling their tasty treats first at local famers markets. This allowed for the family to receive customer feedback, make new recipes and gather a following of customers before taking on the responsibility of owning a storefront.

Andy, Bill’s son in law, is so proud about The Secret Chocolatier’s journey! He values his great customers, who are so happy to receive chocolate creations 5 days a week. Andy also is so excited to announce the newest addition to the team of chocolatiers, his son, Logan!

The Secret Chocolatiers have been ordering printed labels from SheetLabels.com for years, mainly sticking with the White Matte Polyester Laser Weatherproof material and the Premium White Uncoated Permanent material.

They have been using their printed labels to help customers distinguish between the different types of the popular Cake In A Jar flavors!

Andy remarks, "It is so easy working with SheetLabels.com”. He then added, “the selection and options are the broadest I have found online and if ever there is a potential problem, the Creative group has always saved me the headache of finding out later. It is really a pleasure to work with this company and have their products shine on our goodies."

If you haven’t had the chance to stop in and visit these masters of chocolate, it might just be the perfect time!

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