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Browse For Labels By Common Use To Find The Perfect Product At!

July 22, 2014

Are you looking for bottle labels, food labels or even shipping labels? At we make it easy for customers to search for labels a number of different ways. This blog is going to walk you through the process of searching for labels by “Common Use”.

Start by taking your mouse to the right side of the website homepage to the “Browse Labels By” section. In the second box, you have the option to search for labels by “Common Use”. Using the dropdown arrow, scroll through the different uses including; “Bottle Labels”, “Medical Labels” and even “Cosmetic Labels”. When you find the use you’re looking for, click on that use.

The website then takes you to that “Common Use” page. Here, you can scroll down the page. Notice you can see a preview image of the labels in this category, the size of the labels and even how many labels come per sheet. If you are unable to find the label you are looking for, please visit our “All Label Sizes” page.

If you find the perfect label, you have one of two options. You can either click the preview image or where is says, “Add to Cart”.

After you select a label, the website takes you to the “Dimensions and Spacing” page for that product. On this page there is a diagram of what the labels you’ve selected look like. There is also a key listing the dimensions and spacing for that product. Finally, to the right, there’s a box where you can calculate the price of your labels and add them to your cart.

Turn your attention to the “Calculate Price” box. First, select the material that best fits your needs. To learn more about any of the label materials available at, please visit our “Product Information” page.

Next, select the amount of sheets of labels you want to order. Please Note: If you select product SL101 and you choose 10 sheets, in the “Dimensions and Spacing” box, you see that 14 labels come per sheet, meaning that you are going to receive 140 labels total.

After you’ve selected your “Material” and “Quantity”, continue down to the zip code box. Type your zip code in the box provided and click “Get Shipping Rates”. After you have typed your zip code in the box provided and clicked “Get Shipping Rates”, you can use the dropdown arrow to select the shipping method that best fits your needs.

After you’ve selected your shipping method, the total of your labels and the shipping cost generates in the box provided.

Once you’re done filling in all of the required information and you’re happy with your order, click “Add to Cart”.

You have now moved on to the checkout process. If everything with your order looks correct, click the “Secure Checkout” button and follow the steps of the checkout process.

Searching for labels by “Common Use” can be a fun and informative process. You may find a label you would have never thought to use before. If you have any other recommendations for label sizes for specific categories, please let us know. Share your feedback and suggestions on our Facebook, Twitter & Google+ pages using #SLIBlog.

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