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Use The Product’s Item Number To Search For Labels On The Website!

April 24, 2013

On the website there are plenty of different ways for customers to search for the perfect labels. One of those ways it to search for labels by the “Item Number”.

This blog is going to walk you through the steps of searching for labels using their item number.

The first option to search labels by their item number is to take the mouse to the right side of the home page to where it says “Browse Labels By”.

The first box in that section says “Item Number”. Using the dropdown arrow, scroll through the item numbers until you find the product that best fits your labeling needs.

Once you’ve selected a label based on the item number, the website takes you to a new page.

On this page there is a diagram of what the labels you’ve chosen look like. There is also a key listing the dimensions and spacing of the labels you’ve selected. Finally, to the right, there is a box where you are able to calculate the price of your labels and also add them to your cart.

If the labels are the correct size and you’re happy with your choice, start filling in the material and quantity.

If the labels aren’t exactly what you had in mind, there are two options. Those two options are:

  1. Click the “Home” tab at the top of the page and follow this process again
  2. Click the “All Label Sizes” tab at the top of the screen

If you’ve chosen to click the “All Label Sizes” tab at the top of the screen you’re directed to a website page with a chart. The different columns located on that chart are:

  • Preview
  • Item #
  • Label Type
  • Label Size
  • Sheet Size
  • Labels Per Sheet
  • Cross Reference
  • Add To Cart

On this page you have two options. Those two options are:

  1. Use the dropdown arrow under the “Item Number” box at the top of the page to search for labels like you did previously
  2. Scroll down the page of all the label shapes and sizes until you find one you’re interested in

Once you’ve found a label that interests you, either click on the image in the “Preview” column or where it says “Add To Cart”.

The website takes you to the dimensions and spacing page once more. From here, you’ll move over to the “Calculate Price” section.

First, you’re going to select the material that best fits your needs. For more information regarding any of the materials offered at, visit the “Product Information” page.

Next, you are going to select the quantity or amount of sheets you need to order. Continuing on, you’ll fill in your zip code and click where it says “Get Shipping Rates”.

The rates automatically generate for USPS Priority Mail. To retrieve other shipping methods and rates, click the dropdown arrow.

After you’ve finished filling in all of your answers, click “Add To Cart”.

You’ve now reached the checkout process. If the order looks correct, click the “Secure Checkout” button and follow the steps of the checkout process.

Again, offers numerous ways for customers to search for their labels.

Have you ever searched for labels on the website by the item number? Share your stories and experiences on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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