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Utilize The Levels Of The Search Engine Optimization Pyramid To Increase Your Search Engine Ranking!

February 15, 2013

Are you looking to become more successful through the Internet? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) success is hard to understand. It’s not all about the quantity that your website may hold, but about the quality within that quantity!

For companies looking to be successful through SEO, there is a great pyramid of steps to understand. The diagram is called SEO Success Pyramid and it’s by Matt McGee from

The bottom level of the pyramid includes:


  1. Commitment
  2. Planning
  3. Product / Service
  4. Education
  5. Patience

The first of the bottom layer is commitment. This step is ensuring that your team is fully engaged and devoted to executing the plan that you’ve laid out.

The second block in the bottom layer of the pyramid is planning. This is the step where many questions are answered. What are your goals? What’s needed to reach them? How are you going to determine success? Once these questions have been answered you can move on to the next step.

The third block is product/service. You need to have a reliable product. What you’re saying about your products to gain attention needs to be true.

The fourth step is education. Your team should be educated about the products you’re trying to market and bring attention to. Also, the company and those working directly with SEO should be educated in the ever-changing evolution of the Internet.

The final step in the bottom layer of the pyramid is patience. The saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” holds true here. Developing a search market won’t happen in just one day. It’s an ongoing process throughout the span of your business life.

The second level of the pyramid includes:

  1. Design/Usability
  2. Keyword Research
  3. Analytics
  4. Tools

The first step of the second layer of the pyramid is design/usability. When creating a website make it so that customers can easily navigate and use your page. Make it appealing and interesting.

The second block is keyword research. You must be familiar with how searchers use specific words and be able to use those words in the same way.

The third step is analytics. Businesses need analytics through all aspects. Without analytics, how can a business know what’s working and what isn’t?

The final step on that level of the pyramid is tools. Knowing the right tools to possess and using those tools to their greatest good, can give your business an advantage over the competition.

The third level of the pyramid includes:

  1. Crawlability
  2. Content
  3. Links

The first step of this level is crawlability. Search engines scan websites looking for keywords that match searches from online users. If your website matches that search, then your page generates as a possible website choice. But, search engines can’t rank pages that they can’t crawl.

The second step is content. Websites need to be a combination of quantity and quality. Users want content and search engines need it. To be successful utilize the quality within the content.

The final step on this level of the pyramid is links. Links tell search engines how popular the content on your page really is. The more people sharing your links, the more popular your website becomes.

The fourth level of the pyramid includes:

  1. Social/Local Findability
  2. Reputation Management

The first block on this level of the pyramid is social/local findability. This means that engaging with customers through local and social sites can benefit the company and your SEO ranking. The more people that are talking about your website, the more likely they are to share specific links to your page making the page itself higher ranked!

The second step on this level of the pyramid is reputation management. Basically, when it comes to SEO, what others are saying about your business or your page, matters!

The top level of the pyramid is:

  1. Trust

In this level, trust isn’t specific to one person or one aspect. Trust from both users and search engines are needed to be successful. Trust that your products are reliable, that your team is educated and that your website is easy to use.

Utilizing all the steps of the SEO pyramid can greatly increase you’re chance of being ranked high by search engines and gaining more customer attention.

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