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Save Money with DIY Labels for Your Wedding Reception

January 09, 2015

It’s the beginning of the year, and many couples who are getting married this year are deep into planning their big day. It is very time consuming and a lot of hard work planning a wedding, and more than likely it will be very stressful until the day comes.

Below are a few different ideas of how you can use labels in your wedding to make things convenient and cost effective while you plan the best day of your life. Printing your own labels at home for your wedding can save you a decent amount of money.

Wedding Invite Address Labels

One of the first parts of wedding planning is deciding on how many people will be invited. Once you know how many of your friends and family members that you want to invite, it is time to consider the venue and your wedding invitations.

When it comes to your invitations, you want to make them look elegant so they stand out from other mail when delivered. Choosing colors and themes based around your wedding colors is always a good way to go if you already have them picked out.

The wedding invitation address labels and return address labels can also be printed with nice designs that will fit with your theme. They are simple to print right at home in your laser or inkjet printer, and will not cost you an arm and a leg. The label that we would recommend for address labels are these SL100 labels on our Spectacle laser labels (also available for inkjet printers). For return address labels we would recommend these SL105 labels on the same material.

Wedding Table Placeholders

Once the guests have been decided on, and the invitations are being prepared, it is time to start figuring out the seating arrangements. This can actually be one of the more stressful parts of planning the wedding because you want to make sure that everyone is comfortable at the table where they will be sitting.

After all of the tough decisions about seating arrangements are worked out you then need to think about your centerpieces and table placeholders. Wedding table placeholder labels need to be quite a bit larger than address labels so we would recommend these 4” x 2” labels on our Spectacle inkjet material (also available for laser printers).

Wedding Reception Nametags

This is not something that you will really need for smaller weddings, but if you are having a large wedding then you may want to consider nametag labels for guests. Name tags will be very helpful while guests are mingling during the reception, and they are a great way for new and old friends and family to meet and remember names.

Personalized nametag labels are very easy to make, all you have to do is order the label materials, get a template for the proper size label, and then start preparing the template with the names on your guest list. We would recommend these 2.047” x 2.923” octagon shaped labels (template available on top right side of the page). They have a unique look and will look amazing when printed on, especially if you use a material like our premium white uncoated label stock.

Wedding Favor Labels

The wedding favor is a tradition at weddings and is another one of the small planning tasks that needs to be done. Your wedding favors can be anything you like and think that your guests would enjoy. A couple of the more popular items for wedding favors include candles, custom glasses, and picture frames.

These traditionally get placed on the tables in the guest spots so they can take them when they leave. Labeling them to match the placeholders will help keep the wedding theme consistent. Since people take these home we would suggest labeling them with removable labels so your guests can take them off if they desire to.

These 4.3125” x 2” labels will fit most small items that you choose for wedding favors, just be sure when ordering to get the removable label material.

Here are some links to places online that have some very nice wedding label templates to help make printing your own labels for the wedding easy and cost effective.

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