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Looking To Increase Your Company’s New Customer Base? Follow These Three Rules Of Advertising!

April 18, 2013

It’s easy for well-known brands and companies to attract new visitors to their websites and customers to their stores. Brands like Nike, Pepsi and McDonalds continue to have repeat and new customer sales because they branded and advertised themselves for years to become industry giants in their perspective fields!

It may be more difficult for a startup company or a smaller brand to establish a large customer base. Gaining new customers and turning customers into loyal, lifelong customers has a lot to do with advertising!

There are three simple rules for advertising that companies looking to gain new customers need to follow. Those three rules are:

  1. Let people know you exist!
  2. Don’t scare the customer!
  3. Look the part.

The first rule is to let people know you exist. This has to do with advertising! If you have the startup funds to advertise your company in local newspapers, airing commercials and purchasing time slots on radio, then it’s a great start. But, not all companies start out with the funds to use such markets. If you’re trying to gain new customers, head to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Each has over a million users and the sites are free! Showcase photos, videos and customer testimonials to gain the attention of new customers!

The second rule is, don’t scare the customer. If you run a shop, retail store or any place that a customer needs to physically step foot into, don’t make it an uncomfortable atmosphere! Do research into calming colors and setup your office in a way that’s inviting rather than difficult. If you’re an online based company, make your website easy to navigate and customer friendly. Make sure that the website runs smoothly so that customers can order products easily.

The third rule is to look the part. If you go to a lawyer’s office you expect to see someone dressed in a suit, when you visit a hospital you expect to see nurses and doctors dressed in scrubs. Depending on your business, make sure you look the part of the products or services that you sell. If you’re online based, then be sure that your logo and company colors always match. Never leave customers guessing.

Gaining new customers is about being trustworthy and putting your company and products out there for the world to see. Don’t be afraid to offer prizes, or coupons and always be sure to put the customer first. Remember, word of mouth marketing is powerful and the more first-time customers you’re able to turn into repeat customers, the more new customers you’ll continue to have!

Do you practice any of these rules with your company? What are some great advertising, marketing or branding techniques that you’ve seen from companies? Share your stories and experiences on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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