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Roll Labels in Custom Shapes!

May 13, 2015

As you have probably seen, we are now offering magnets and roll labels. As of yesterday we started to offer roll labels in circles and ovals on the website. There is more that can be done when it comes to custom shapes, it is not yet included on the site though.

Since we manufacture everything in our Upstate NY facility we can do a lot and we are always adding to the products that we offer.

Currently you can select the round or oval roll labels on this page of the site: Printed roll labels.

If you are looking for a special custom shape relating to your brand then we can also help if you contact us. We can actually manufacture roll labels in any shape that you could want. For example, if you brew and sell your own craft beer we can create labels shaped like beer bottles.

Here are some other awesome custom shape ideas for various types of companies:

  • Pizzeria: Pizza Shaped Labels
  • Auto Repair Shop/Car Dealer: Car Shaped Labels
  • Marketing Firm: Megaphone Shaped Labels
  • Computer Repair Shop: Computer Shaped Labels
  • Shoe Store: Shoe Shaped Labels

They are just a few of the different custom shapes that would work great for those types of businesses. No matter what you do there are some cool ideas that you can use to have your own custom shapes. All of our printed labels are always very high quality and they go through multiple quality checks before leaving our facility.

Brand Awareness

Custom label shapes will command attention, which is very helpful in creating brand awareness. Good branding efforts combined with good products and customer service are very important in creating brand loyalty and hopefully brand ambassadors that will help spread the word of your company.

Branding is a tricky part of marketing, especially if you are a smaller business. It is important to do everything you can to increase your visibility as well as keep your brand top of mind with old and new customers. The goal for any business should be to have your company thought of first when they need what you can provide.


When ordering roll labels on our website you can order basic shapes such as square, circle, and oval. You cannot order the custom shapes on the site though, at least yet. To order a custom shape you can give us a call at (888) 388-2502.

Our team can help you get everything setup and then we can get the order processing. As with any of our products we will send you a proof before we run the whole job. With the digital proof you can see exactly what the finished product will look like before we manufacture it.

Printed Roll Labels
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