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Request Blank & Printed Label Samples From SheetLabels.com With Ease!

January 17, 2014
request label samples

Requesting samples is a great idea for any customer trying to get a better understanding of the label materials they may be interested in ordering. Requesting samples allows customers to test products to see if the label material is tough enough for their labeling project, the perfect color, works well with their printer and so much more!

This blog is going to walk you through the step-by-step process of requesting samples from SheetLabels.com.

To get to the request samples page, take your mouse to the left side bar on the SheetLabels.com homepage and click “Request Samples”. Once you’ve clicked “Request Samples” the website directs you to the “Request Samples” page.

If you are a SheetLabels.com registered customer, please sign into your account now by hovering over the “Account” button. Type your email address and password into the correct boxes and click, “Ok”.

Once you’ve logged into your account your information auto populates based on the information you provided when you registered at SheetLabels.com.

If you are not a SheetLabels.com registered customer, you are going to start by filling in your “Contact Information”. Please Note: if you are not a registered customer at SheetLabels.com, the information you provide will automatically register you to make requesting samples or placing blank or custom printed label orders extremely easy and efficient in the future.

Any question with a red asterisk next to it is a question or section that needs to be answered in order to process your sample request.

First, type in your “E-mail”. Next, you are going to “Confirm E-mail”. Continue on and type in your “First Name”. Now, add your “Last Name”. If the samples are for a company, type that “Company Name” in the box provided.

Moving on, you are going to type in your “Address”, “City”, “State” and “Zip”. Notice the next field is for “Country”. If you use the dropdown arrow to select “Canada”, the field for “State” changes to “Province/Region” and the field for “Zip” changes to “Postal Code”.

The final step in this section is to add your “Phone Number”. Once you’ve finished answering all of the questions in the “Contact Information” section, move down to the “Sample Request Form” section.

First, you are going to choose if you would like to receive samples of blank labels, printed labels or both.

Once you’ve selected your answer, three new fields appear. The first field is for “Label Material”. Using the dropdown arrow, choose which SheetLabels.com label material you would like a sample of.

If there is another material you wish to receive a sample of, you can request that material sample using the dropdown arrow next to “Additional Label Material”. Here you’re able to request up to two other materials from SheetLabels.com.

Next, you are going to select the type of printer you’re using. Some of the label materials at SheetLabels.com are specifically designed for laser printers, others are only for inkjet printers and some of the label materials at SheetLabels.com can be used with both laser and inkjet printers. If you know the brand or model of the printer you’re using, type that answer in the box provided.

Moving on, you’re going to answer what your labels are going to be applied to by typing that information in the box provided.

Continuing on, you’re going to select the estimated monthly volume of label sheets you may be interested in ordering once you receive your samples.

The last question in this section is, “How did you hear about us?” Did you find SheetLabels.com on a social media website like Facebook, on a search engine like Google or from one of our current customers.

If you select “Current Customer”, another field appears. Here, you are able to let SheetLabels.com know who referred you to try our products by adding that customer’s email address in the box provided.

The next section is titled “Additional Comments”. If you have a specific concern or question for SheetLabels.com, type that comment or question in the box provided. For example “Can I use your White Matte Polyester label material on plastic shampoo bottles”?

Now, you’re going to move down to the security code. Simply type the text shown in the box on the left in the box provided on the right.

If all of the required fields have been answered and you’ve added in additional comments or questions for SheetLabels.com, click “Submit Request”.

You know the request has been sent to SheetLabels.com, because a message appears. The message says, “Thank you for your Sample Request! Your sample material(s) will arrive shortly. In the meantime, if you have any questions, contact us at 1-888-388-2502 or support@sheet-labels.com!”

Requesting samples from SheetLabels.com allows our customers to try samples of products before placing an order so that our customers always receive the best labels for all their labeling needs.

Have you ever requested samples from SheetLabels.com? Did you request blank or printed label samples from SheetLabels.com? Share your answers on our Facebook and Twitter pages using #SLIBlog!

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