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Stick It For Fun, Remove It With Ease: Removable White Polyester Laser Label Material!

October 17, 2012

Though the polyester family may not have the most colorful materials, they do have some of the most durable and most interesting materials.

The Removable White Polyester laser material is one of those interesting materials. This material is the only material that is removable!

The adhesive on the label is not permanent; rather the material is so durable that like the other polyester family members, it has a 2-year life expectancy when used outdoors.

The Removable White Polyester material is for those labeling jobs that may chance or are not permanent. When this material is removed from a surface it peels off cleanly. It doesn’t tear apart or leave behind a glue residue.

This label material may be removable but it’s also weatherproof! That’s another reason this material is so special, it can hold up against Mother Nature’s most harsh elements one day and peel off it’s surface with ease the next.

The Removable White Polyester laser material is made specifically for laser printing only. During the process of laser printing color is infused directly into the material it is printing on.

It may be hard to believe but the Removable White Polyester laser material keeps getting better! This material is not only removable, not only weatherproof but it’s also tear resistant!

The Removable White Polyester laser label material is hard to compete with. There are so many benefits when choosing this material. Printed colors truly stand out against the white color of the removable material.

What are some uses you can think of for the Removable White Polyester laser material; let us know on our Facebook and Twitter page!

Jim on Mar 23, 2015 in 04:45pm
I have a sign that I want to put the word COUNCIL on with a measurement of 2.3" w & 12"L. Do you have a compatible label if so what would the cost be ??
Lindsey on Mar 24, 2015 in 08:30am
Thank you for posting your question to our blog, Jim. We do offer cut down sizes so we could certainly do a cut down label for you! I will mention this to one of our Creative team members and have them reach out to you regarding price!
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